Incident Report; TENNISON by Lynda La Plante

Following THE CROW TRAP by Ann Cleaves, I was keen to carry on my streak of reading crime fiction by women authors and picked up TENNISON by Lynda La Plante.

For fans of the Prime Suspect novels/TV series, TENNISON takes us back to the beginning of Jane Tennison’s career as a WPC on probabtion working in the East End of London. It’s 1973, the era of the Kray Twins and where women have been newly integrated into the Metropolitan Police.

This is my first venture into Lynda La Plante and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. If anything, with her style of writing and character development, I need more. I NEED more!

The way La Plante was able to go back to the beginning of an already well established character to create a back story for those who are dedicated fans of Jane and also for those who are yet to be introduced. Would definitely recommend this read!

* Off to find myself a copy of Hidden Killers*




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