This is probably the most refreshing story I have read in 2016! Mainly because it was something different then what I am used to reading! Written by an author who has not taken himself too seriously and has clearly had fun whilst writing this tale of love, friendship, annoyance and being able to test peoples patience.

We are introduced to our narrator; who to start has no name and he is courting (rather old fashioned I know!) our leading lady Phoebe. Our narrator begins to tell Phoebe about himself, most importantly how he became an Annoyance Officer.

We are introduced to Danny and a name is given to our narrator; Tony (this is not his real name). Danny, seeing that Tony is in a bit of a state (no spoilers here!) offers him the chance to escape his current captivity and recapture his life and have fun while doing it. The catch? There is no catch. Just annoy people. The more you annoy a person and the bigger the rise you receive, the bigger the payout.

The man bankrolling this venture is Fintan. His relationship with Danny is curious and something I wish could have been explored further (maybe a spin-off novella?) as you question how these two men came together. What was there initial purpose? Where did all this money come from? What about their relationships and families? So many questions!!

As Danny and Tony welcome more people into the fold, cracks begin to appear until Tony has to make a decision which will affect both him and Phoebe forever. Tony harbours his own demons from his past and sees Phoebe as his saviour.

This is hands down the funniest book I have read this year, if not ever! Ryan Bracha should be darn well proud of this book. It is well written and funny! As in “a little bit of wee has just popped out” funny! You need to read this.

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