Incident Report; LIAR LIAR by M.J.Arlidge


“From this high up, she could see not one, not two, but three major fires gripping the city, fierce orange tongues of flame reaching up towards the heavens. Southhampton was ablaze.”

LIAR LIAR is the fourth instalment of the Helen Grace series and as with most series you start to question at this stage whether the writer can keep the reader invested in the characters and the writing style. The answer is yes! Yes they can!

Arlidge takes a different tact with this book – rather than your stereotypical serial killer who kidnaps and murders, we are introduced to our first arsonists of the series. A fire-starter who targets both commercial and residential properties in a calculated attack on the city of Southampton.

Helen Grace is one again tasked with bringing this person to justice, whilst facing her own challenges in both her professional and personal life. We delve a little deeper into Helen psyche and experience a more vulnerable side to her hardened exterior.

I am rather fond of the police procedural (especially UK based) and this book did not disappoint. Arlidge has a talent of being able to leave the story on a cliffhanger which opens up the plot for further books and keep the reader interested.

My only struggle now is waiting two days for the next book in the series, LITTLE BOY BLUE to be delivered so I can devour that as well!




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