Incident Report; HIDE AND SEEK by M.J.Arlidge


HIDE AND SEEK is the sixth instalment of the Helen Grace series.

Directly following the events in LITTLE BOY BLUE and Helen is now a resident of Her Majesty’s Prison; Holloway. Helen is currently on remand awaiting trial for the murders which took place in the previous book.

Life inside was never going to be easy for Helen. Her time made further confronting when a cell mate is discovered murdered in her cell. Helen cannot turn off her investigative mind and the hunt is once again on to find the killer before they strike again.

On the outside, Charlie is determined to find Robert Stonehill and make him pay for his behaviour in LITTLE BOY BLUE. This task alienates her colleagues, including the newly promoted Sanderson, who has stepped into Helens role. Charlie must work fast to find Robert before Helen is sentenced for a crime she did not commit. Convincing her colleagues Helen is not a lost cause however proves difficult and puts her career and relationship on the line.

I agree with another review I have read online that this book reads like an episode of the TV series BAD GIRLS – which is no bad thing. I LOVED that series. Top dogs, cliques, bent screws, unstable governors and all kinds of prison scandal.

Book six and Arlidge manages to keep the magic of this series that readers love. Again using short chapters to keep the story moving at a faster pace – switching between the different characters keeping us on the edge of our seats.

May 2017 for the release of FOLLOW MY LEADER cannot come quick enough!!



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