Incident Report; LITTLE BOY BLUE by M.J.Arlidge


LITTLE BOY BLUE is the fifth instalment of the Helen Grace series.

Helen is once again faced with hunting down a killer in the city of Southampton – however this case brings with it more pressure as it becomes clear very quickly that Helen knows the victims. This forces Helen to reveal personal details about herself which we see her have a great deal of reluctance to do.

Whilst the case is tracking, wee start to see cracks in the ranks as well with the tension between Sanderson and Brooks becoming increasingly elevated throughout the investigation. Gardam shows his true colours to Helen following his behaviour in LIAR LIAR.

Despite this book being the fifth in a series, Arlidge has managed to keep the magic in his writing that keeps the readers invested in the characters and the story. The use of short chapters means the story seems to move at a faster pace and makes for an enjoyable read.

HIDE AND SEEK is the next instalment of this series before the release of FOLLOW MY LEADER in May 2017. I am happy I am not left waiting years for the next instalment!

-S. screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-09-23-15

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