#IncidentReport; THE CROW GIRL by #ErikAxlSund (Harvill Secker, 2016)

FINALLY! It seems like I have been reading this book forever – but I have read two books at the same time, so I’m not too mad at myself. I also wanted to take my time with this book as I have heard SO much about it and wanted to savour every page.
Firstly – thanks to Abby at CRIME BY THE BOOK as she has championed this book since it’s release and has nothing but great things to say about this book. Abby gives unbiased reviews and opinions, so I 100% trust her words!

THE CROW GIRL by far is one of the grimmest books I have ever read – it’s up there with AMERICAN PSYCHO and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Both of which build up a mental picture much worse than anything that could be translated to film.
A stern warning though – this book is NOT for the faint hearted. There are plenty of trigger warnings for subject matters such as child abuse, cults and child torture/murder. If this kind of thing turns your stomach, then this book is NOT for you, especially when there is over 750 pages of it! If however, you have a strong stomach and enjoy great writing full of corruption, suspense and drama, then this book IS DEFINITELY for you!
The history behind THE CROW GIRL is that is was originally released in native Sweden as a three part series (hence why there are three parts to the book and it’s well over 700 pages) by author Erik Axl Sund; a partnership between Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Alexander Sundquist. Translated beautifully for the UK release by Neil Smith who I think has been able to capture every feeling that the authors penned.
THE CROW GIRL blurb states; “It starts with the discovery of a young boy in a Sweden car park. The boys has been tortured, mummified and discarded. Its discovery reveals a nightmare world of hidden lives. Of lost identities, secret rituals and brutal exploitation, where nobody can be trusted.”
You will find yourself in parts skimming back a couple of pages to make sense of what you are reading! There are plenty of ‘WTF’ moments throughout this book! This is a massive compliment to Erik Axl Sund who manages to keep the readers attention and makes you question whether what you are reading is even real.
THE CROW GIRL is currently available in Hardback via Harvill Secker at the following UK outlets;
Waterstones; http://bit.ly/2jSGhVS


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