#GoodreadsMonday – Hidden Killers by Lynda LaPlante (@LaPlanteLynda)

Lynda LaPlante
Simon & Schuster UK
Publication Date: October 20th, 2016


Hidden Killers sees Jane acting as a ‘decoy’ prostitute, with the hope of capturing a suspect wanted for numerous sexual assaults.  The attacker is drawn in and put under arrest.  Commended for bravery in the case, Jane is given CID status and moves from Hackney to Bow Street Station as Detective.  Her first call-out is to a non-suspicious death.  The victim is a young mother, drowned tragically in her bath, leaving a bereft and doting husband and a young child.

The two story lines interweave as Jane begins to doubt the evidence against her assailant in East London, and becomes certain that the young woman in the bath did not drown in tragic circumstances.  Two entirely different cases but one common thread – the lingering doubt in Jane’s mind around the evidence, and around her colleagues…

I CANNOT wait to read HIDDEN KILLERS! This is the prequel-sequel to TENNISON which follows a young WPC Jane Tennison as she starts her career in the London Met Police in the early 1970’s. I thoroughly enjoyed TENNISON so I have rather high expectations for this book!

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