#SeductiveEncounters; A SLICE OF THE OLD LIFE by Scarlet Summerhall (Self Published, 2017)

A SLICE OF THE OLD LIFE by Scarlet Summerhall


Here at the P Turners we are always happy to meet new authors and share their work with our followers, so I was thrilled when I was introduced to a local author Scarlet Summerhall by a mutual friend and after hearing about their new novel decided it was a book worth reading.

Instantly Summerhall pulls the reader into Melissa Marshall’s world, a world that is fraught and emotional. We’re taken on a journey of self-discovery, as Melissa tries to find the balance between being a mother, her career and her friends. Here is a character that is relatable on a number of levels, where we instantly want to go on this journey with her.

The most important theme of the novel for me is love, the love between parents and children, between friends and between lovers. Although Melissa’s love life is in turmoil with the divorce from her husband, it is the strong bonds of her friends and their “girls” weekend away that really hammers home the importance of this love. Throwing caution to the wind, this is a group of friends who are all out to have fun, but it is their bond as friends that really hit home for me, that as a reader I related to the most. Even as Melissa embraces her wild side, enjoying a night of passion with a handsome man and drinking her weight in alcohol, her friends see the truth hidden behind the smile. I love how these ladies encourage each other to find themselves, to be true to who they are as women, as friends and to have fun. Reading about these women and Melissa’s love for them made me think of my own friends, of the fun we have. This is a story that we can all relate to in one way or another.

Summerhall cleverly combines flashbacks of Melissa’s life when she and Pete were younger and so in love that it consumed them, with the path Melissa is on now, trying as hard as she can to come to terms with her relationship status. The relationship between Melissa and Pete is volatile but beautiful all the same. We can see why Melissa is still in love with him, but whilst she feels guilty for her actions, I cannot help but want her to leave the guilt behind and embrace what is to come. The love story between Melissa and Pete feels real, just a couple working out the path that best suits them both. It is evident in Summerhall’s writing how talented this author is but also how much they care about the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment reading this novel; it became something to look forward to on the commute to and from work.

Here we see an author who knows their characters completely and who know their audience. Overall A SLICE OF THE GOOD LIFE is a story of self-discovery, of finding love again and having some fun along the way. A fabulous novel and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy the ride. Maybe even have as much fun as our leading lady.

I cannot wait to read Summerhall’s future work!!

Check out her website for more!



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