#ThursdayQuotable – Gabriel’s Inferno by @sylvainreynard 02/03/2017


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GABRIEL’S INFERNO by Sylvain Reynard (April 1st 2011, Omnific Publishing)

“At first he didn’t recognize her. She was breathtakingly beautiful, her movements sure and graceful. Yet there was something about her face and figure that reminded him of the girl he’d fallen in love with long ago. They’d gone their separate ways, and he had always mourned her, his angel, his muse, his beloved Beatrice. Without her, his life had been lonely and small.
Now his blessedness appeared.”

After talking pretty much non-stop about this book/series with *M* this week – how could I not feature a quote from this book?!

Following my read of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY – I was looking for my next romantic read and I knew I wanted something deeper and more romantic. I just happened across GABRIEL’S INFERNO, which incidentally also started life as TWILIGHT fan fiction as The University of Edward Masen.

I initially read this on Kindle and I was BLOWN. AWAY. What Reynard has been able to do is completely ruin me for other book boyfriends in the future. Their writing (I use non-gender specifics as Sylvain Reynard is a pen-name!) is beautiful and the story between Gabriel and Julia is truly stunning.

This book gave us two sequels; GABRIEL’S RAPTURE and GABRIEL’S REDEMPTION which continues the love story between Gabriel and Julia, whilst facing difficulties when their relationship becomes public knowledge.

Until next week, keep reading on.





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