#Top5FemaleAuthors – Anne Rice @AnneRiceAuthor – #WomensHistoryMonth 14/03/2017

Continuing my top 5 favourite female authors now … Here goes


Anne Rice was another female author that brought the monsters out into the light. Her very first vampire novel in 1976 had all the elegance and drama of the earlier gothic novels like Dracula and Frankenstein but here the Vampire was our hero. Rice made it acceptable to fall in love with a character that previously wouldn’t have been the subject of affection.

For me, Louis was my first literature vampire. Rice’s first novel grabbed my attention at a young age, a time when I was enthralled by the gothic and embraced the style of that subculture. And what a novel to begin my obsession. Immediately we fall for this character, a lost soul brought into the darkness by his companion Lestat. Not only were these the most elegant of vampires but the undertones of a male/male relationship were always there.

Though I have read many vampire novels, progressing onto the classics like Dracula and Carmilla, for me Interview with the Vampire and Rice will always be a favourite. Reading became on obsession, vampires became an obsession and if it wasn’t for the beauty of Rice’s first novel, I do not believe I would be so strongly drawn to the characters.

Whilst the Vampire character continues to be popular among the masses, my love for them stemmed entirely from this novel and I will cherish Rice’s work spanning the years.


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