#Top5FemaleAuthors – Christine Feehan @AuthorCFeehan – #WomensHistoryMonth 16/03/2017

Another day of celebrating the brilliant female authors in literature and we come to my number four.

4 – Christine Feehan 

I first became aware of Feehan’s work after seeing my Grams read a couple of the Carpathian novels, my curiosity piqued when I was informed that the characters were vampire like creatures but whole heartedly good natured. So with that in mind I picked up my first copy and have been hooked ever since.
Although Feehan writes a number of different novels in her genre for me it is the Carpathian series which really stands out. Here the author has made the Vampire into a monster, instead of the sexy, mischievous nobles from the Anne Rice series, we see them as utterly foul, grotesque and menacing creatures. Carpathian males who have been lost into darkness. The balance between the violent and turbulent events in each novel to the beautiful and romantic is done perfectly.
The male characters in this series are a testament to Feehan’s keen eye for handsomeness, another trait you find yourself drawn to when escaping into this wonderful world. Because for me, that is Feehan’s biggest endeavour, creating a world where we can escape. Because escapism is at the very heart of literature. But it is also the strong female characters that seduce you, these women who take on the might of the ultimate alpha males and put them in their place. Women who know what they want and will protect those they love.
Each novel centres on a different couple, so that despite the number of novels in the series, and there are quite a few, you can start reading at any book. I love these characters, this world created by Feehan and believe the supernatural/paranormal genre would be lost without them.

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