#Top5FemaleAuthors – Laurell K.Hamilton @LKHamilton – #WomensHistoryMonth 17/03/2017

So we’ve reached my final favourite author and as they say I’ve saved the best until last…

5 – Laurell K Hamilton

The American author Laurell K Hamilton first began writing her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series back in 1993 and since then people the world over have become fans of this fictional world. I came to the series much later, when by chance I found a copy of Guilty Pleasures in my local boom store. Already a huge vampire/supernatural genre fan, I was open to the idea of broadening my horizon and I have never looked back.

The female heroine of this series is Anita Blake, a feisty, kick ass woman who will not be stereotyped and who can more than keep up, if not out do her male counter parts. From the first read of one out of 25 novels I knew I loved this story. I fell utterly in love with Hamilton’s style of writing and the characters drew you into their weird and wonderful world.

I wanted my characters to be like those in Anita’s world. Here is a writer who knows what she’s doing in the genre, who has made the Vampire both scary and monstrous. But we are blessed with other creatures of the night and never before has a shape shifter been so appealing. I love the balance between horror and beauty in the Anita Blake series, the way that Hamilton draws you into this bewildering world and you always go back for more.

The one thing that stands out for me as a reader and fan, is the openness to sexuality for our female heroine. Here we have a modern woman who finds herself either ankle deep in violence and/or sex, both of which she embraces. Never one to shy away from difficult situations, I love Hamilton’s head on approach to subject matters and the way our hero Anita handles every obstacle set upon her. With great flair, courage, determination and beauty we become enthralled by Anita Blake and her swarm of beautiful lovers.

It is safe to say Hamilton has spoilt me for any other series, I am utterly in love with Anita and the world created around this character. Hamilton is a very talented writer and an author who I greatly admire. I cannot wait to read more of her work and can only hope one day my writing is half as good as hers.



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