#IncidentReport | #BookReview | THE SECOND SISTER by Claire Kendal @ClaireKendal ‏(May 4th 2017, Harper Collins UK @HarperCollinsUK)


THE SECOND SISTER by Susie Steiner (January 26th 2017, Borough Press)


It is ten years since Ella’s sister Miranda disappeared without trace, leaving her young baby behind. Chilling new evidence links Miranda to the horrifying Jason Thorne, now in prison for murdering several women.

Is it possible that Miranda knew him? At thirty, Miranda’s age when she vanished, Ella looks uncannily like the sister she idolized. What holds Ella together is her love for her sister’s child and her work as a self-defence expert helping victims.

Haunted by the possibility that Thorne took Miranda, and driven by her nephew’s longing to know about his mother, Ella will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth – no matter how dangerous…


WOWSERS! When my other half presented me with this book – I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t seen anything about this book or the author before. But I tell you what, I am SO glad I went into this book blind.

The blurb does not give this book justice. I’m usually turned off by psychological thrillers. I can’t put my finger on a specific reason why, but THE SECOND SISTER has restored my faith in the genre and I loved every page! It did take me about 60 odd pages to really get into the story – but once I was in, there was no turning back! So many questions that needed answers!

The writing style is unique in that it appears to be penned by Ella (our protagonist) to her missing sister Miranda. This gives an interesting take to the story which I haven’t encountered before. The chapters are also set out as mini stories, accompanied by a date – as if to emulate diary entries. For me, this helped to break up the story to allow for a better flow and pace. The story doesn’t feel rushed, nor is it a slow burner. It travels along at the right speed that you are comfortable, but can start to feel that something isn’t quite right.

There are so many different layers to the characters involved. Their development has been captured beautifully and the reader is given the right amount for them to understand and gain a connection.

A truly gripping read. One that I’m not going to forget in a hurry!

You can buy THE SECOND SISTER from the following booksellers;

Amazon (UK) | Amazon | Book Depository | Waterstones



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