#BookTag | #Top10Tuesday 15/08/2017 – Ten Book Recommendations for…. CRIME READERS

#Top10Tuesday is a weekly book tag hosted by the fab team over at The Broke and The Bookish

The rules are simple – following a given prompt (or choose your own) you choose 10 items that fit within that prompt.

This weeks prompt is for recommendations, in what genre is up to the individual. I chose this genre as a friend messaged me the other week asking for recommendations for a colleague. It was only as I started to reel them off that I had a fair few! So for me, this week is; TOP TEN BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR…..CRIME READERS;


If you’re looking for a strong female lead;



DEEP DOWN DEAD by Steph Broadribb

EENY MEENY by M.J Arlidge

Between Helen, Carol and Lori – each of these leading characters bring something different, but an exciting energy which is great to read. EENY MEENY and THE MERMAID’S SINGING are both police procedurals, but set in very seperate parts of the country. Whereas in contrast, DEEP DOWN DEAD features a female bounty hunter in America. All three gave me that ‘girl power’ moment!

If you’re looking for something with diverse culture and with fast paced action;




Both of these books gave me all the Asian crime drama I needed. Whether it’s on the streets of West London in WESTERN FRINGES or the still recovering scenery of Bradford in STREETS OF DARKNESS – each of these stories take on completely different elements of the crime drama.

If you’re looking for a slow burning mystery;


RUPTURE by Ragnar Jonasson

THE CROW CRAP by Ann Cleaves

For me, these books read like an episode of Midsummer Murders (which is no bad thing. I loves me some Barnaby!) Both books are character driven, packed with suspense and feelings of claustrophobia, whether in the north of England – or the deserted ice plains of Iceland. These books are not for you if you looking for a full on adrenaline inducing action ride.

If you’re looking for something modern;


SIX STORIES by Matt Wesolowski

How many more times can I recommend this book?! Written as podcasts, using SERIAL as it’s influence, SIX STORIES is atmospheric, dark, cold and gives me all the twists and turns!

If you’re looking for Nordic Noir;


CURSED by Thomas Enger

THE CROW GIRL by Erik Axl Sund


How can I narrow it down to just two or three of the Nordic Noir genre?! It’s impossible as there is SO much good literature over there. The authors just seem to all drink from the same magic tap that gives them this amazing gift of storytelling.

I have chosen three of my stand out favourites – all very different genres within the umbrealla of crime, but all are bingeworthy and give you all the traits of Nordic Noir you want. It’s grim, dark, upsetting, nasty, but it makes for great reading. These novels I have chosen are all heavily character driven, but also have all the action and drama you will need.

What books would you recommend?

Would love to hear in the comments! 🙂

Until next week, happy reading…..


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