#BlogTour| #BookReview | GOOD FRIDAY (Tennison #3) by Lynda LaPlante @LaPlanteLynda (August 24th 2017, Bonnier Zaffre @BonnierZaffre @ed_pr)

Welcome to my stop on this Blog Tour for GOOD FRIDAY – the lastest in the Jane Tennison series by the wonderful Lynda LaPlante.

I would like to say that I am blown away to be invited onto this blog tour! Particular thanks to Annabelle Wright at ED PR, Bonnier Zaffre and of course the fantastic Lynda LaPlante who gifted me an early copy of GOOD FRIDAY. I am forever grateful and promise that the review below is 100% honest and of my own views.

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To kick off, we have the “blurb” for the book;

BEFORE ‘PRIME SUSPECT’ THERE WAS TENNISON . Every legend has a beginning . . . During 1974 and 1975 the IRA subjected London to a terrifying bombing campaign. In one day alone, they planted seven bombs at locations across central London. Some were defused – some were not.Jane Tennison is now a fully-fledged detective.

On the way to court one morning, Jane passes through Covent Garden Underground station and is caught up in a bomb blast that leaves several people dead, and many horribly injured. Jane is a key witness, but is adamant that she can’t identify the bomber. When a photograph appears in the newspapers, showing Jane assisting the injured at the scene, it puts her and her family at risk from IRA retaliation.

‘Good Friday’ is the eagerly awaited date of the annual formal CID dinner, due to take place at St Ermin’s Hotel. Hundreds of detectives and their wives will be there. It’s the perfect target. As Jane arrives for the evening, she realises that she recognises the parking attendant as the bomber from Covent Garden. Can she convince her senior officers in time, or will another bomb destroy London’s entire detective force?

So, you want to know what I think?

When the team at ED PR and Bonnier Zaffre reached out and asked if I would like to review an early copy of GOOD FRIDAY – I think I did a little wee! I was SO excited for this latest book, I cannot tell you!

I devoured TENNISON last year. Then made quick work of HIDDEN KILLERS. There is a certain charm in reading a police procedural based in yesteryear. Where the police are not just reliant on the latest technologies – this is real, gritty police work – with all the cues to political correctness thrown in for good measure. We get more character development with Jane in GOOD FRIDAY as she explores life away from the Section House and also meeting people outside of the police force.

Jane has now been a part of the Met Police for four years and after her stint with CID in HIDDEN KILLERS, how now made the move to the Dip Squad in order to further her ambitions into the Flying Squad. I loved reading the interactions Jane has with the Dip Squad as it has a very different atmosphere and personality to her previous stations. You finally get the sense that Jane is being somewhat accepted in what was still a very male dominated service.

The only *small* disappointment I had with GOOD FRIDAY is that a key character from the first two books (also one my favourite characters) is only spoken about and doesn’t appear in this book. I understand the reasons why, as not every character Jane has had interactions with should feature in each book, especially as she moves around each precincts. However, I loves me some of this character and I would have loved to read more of their next movements and how their story progresses. I’m thinking a letter to Lynda asking her specifically for a side-novella 😉

With all that said, I for one am certainly waiting with baited breath to read what is next in store for Jane. This is one of those series that I will be recommending for a long time to come!
About Lynda LaPlante;


Lynda La Plante (born Lynda Titchmarsh) is a British author, screenwriter, and erstwhile actress (her performances in Rentaghost and other programmes were under her stage name of Lynda Marchal), best known for writing the Prime Suspect television crime series.

Her first TV series as a scriptwriter was the six part robbery series Widows, in 1983, in which the widows of four armed robbers carry out a heist planned by their deceased husbands.

In 1991 ITV released Prime Suspect which has now run to seven series and stars Helen Mirren as DCI Jane Tennison. (In the United States Prime Suspect airs on PBS as part of the anthology program Mystery!) In 1993 La Plante won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for her work on the series. In 1992 she wrote at TV movie called Seekers, starring Brenda Fricker and Josette Simon, produced by Sarah Lawson.

She formed her own television production company, La Plante Productions, in 1994 and as La Plante Productions she wrote and produced the sequel to Widows, the equally gutsy She’s Out (ITV, 1995). The name “La Plante” comes from her marriage to writer Richard La Plante, author of the book Mantis and Hog Fever.

Her output continued with The Governor (ITV 1995-96), a series focusing on the female governor of a high security prison, and was followed by a string of ratings pulling miniseries: the psycho killer nightmare events of Trial & Retribution (ITV 1997-), the widows’ revenge of the murders of their husbands & children Bella Mafia (1997) (starring Vanessa Redgrave), the undercover police unit operations of Supply and Demand (ITV 1998), videogame/internet murder mystery Killer Net (Channel 4 1998) and the female criminal profiler cases of Mind Games (ITV 2001).

Good Friday by Lynda La Plante is out now, published by Bonnier Zaffre in hardback. RRP £18.99.

You can buy GOOD FRIDAY from the following booksellers;

Amazon (UK) | Amazon | Book Depository | Waterstones


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