#IncidentReport | #BookReview | BETRAYAL by Martina Cole @MartinaCole (October 20th 2016, Headline @headlinepg)

BETRAYAL by Martina Cole
20th October 2016, Headline


Survival. It’s all down to who you trust.

Aiden O’Hara has been head of the family since he was kid, and he’s going to keep it that way.

Jade Dixon is the one who watches his back. Mother of his son. The one who makes him invincible.

But Jade’s been in the game a lot longer than Aiden. She knows no one’s indestructible.

And when you’re at the top, that’s when you’ve got to watch the hardest.

Especially the ones closest to you . . .

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I had an idea of what I was letting myself in for reading BETRAYAL. Martina Cole has this magic of being able to create characters and families, all with their own different traits, but blend together really well.

BETRAYAL is the second book of Martina’s I have read (I read THE TAKE early last year) and I cannot wait to devour more of her titles. There’s something about the raw, grittiness of the worlds she creates that pulls you in and pops you right in the middle of it.

Martina has the skill of creating characters that drive you crazy. Love and hate are so close in emotion and I felt this a lot with Aidan. I loved the way he fought from a young age to provide for his family as essentially the man of the house, to make a name for himself and ensure that his family was taken care of. What I didn’t like were how the power slowly starts to corrupt him and with that comes unsavoury behaviour towards both his girlfriend and his family.

The ending of this story came up quickly and out of the blue. It was that shock factor that I’m sure Martina had in mind all along. Obviously no spoilers from me, but it was the right way to end the story – given everything that took place before it.

Short, snappy chapters keep the pace of the story moving so not to get bored. This wasn’t an issue for me – I prefer shorter chapters. I find that I retain more of the story that way and don’t get bogged down with unnecessary content.

This novel did not disappoint. I was hoping for strong, no nonsense characters, a bit of violence, plenty of swearing and drama and I received that ten fold!


You can buy BETRAYAL from the following booksellers (and obviously many more…be kind to your local independant bookseller!)

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Book Depository | Waterstones


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