#MovieMonday |TRON: LEGACY (2010)

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Welcome to another MOVIE MONDAY!

Each week (obvs on a Monday…hence the title of the feature!) we will bring to you one of our personal favourites. We hope you enjoy and share with us your favourite movies!

This tag is open to anyone who wants to join us. Just be sure to comment with your blog link so we can geek out together!

This weeks movie is a favourite of my other half (Adam) and mine. We saw this when it was first released in IMAX 3D. The visuals. The audio. Story aside…it’s a stunning movie to watch!

Directed by; Joseph Kosinski


Straight off. This is the SEXIEST Disney castle intro I have EVER seen! Just look at this still. Then search on YouTube for the full thing. SWOON!

Once we get through the introduction and a recap on the previous movie – Sam is accidentally transported into the same world his father still lives in.


As much as I try and repel technology, there is something to be said about how it can elevate a movie to visual perfection and TRON: LEGACY to me is a perfect example.


We only cried a little bit when we heard the sequel to LEGACY was not being made anymore 😦

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