#RisqueReads | #ChapterReveal | SUSPICION (Black Light #8) by Measha Stone @measha_stone (29th July 2018, Indie Published #IndieAuthor @ardentprose)

SUSPICION (Black Light #8) by Measha Stone
29th July 2018, Indie Published

“I have my own suspicions about you, Sophie.”  

Sophie Nelson knows her kinky interests are no more than fantasy, definitely not something that’ll ever happen in the real world. So the sexual playground Black Light is the best place to turn. A safe place to play. Until Scott.

Detective Scott Russo knows better than to get sexually involved with his partner. Mixing business with pleasure never ends well, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. He can’t avoid the temptation of giving Sophie exactly what she needs, even if that means a firm hand.

While Sophie and Scott find themselves mired in a high-stakes investigation, their off-duty kinky explorations intensify. With danger at the door, and complications that threaten to tear them apart, can they survive the tug of war. 



Fate could be a cruel fucking bitch.
Detective Scott Russo stared across his desk to where his newest partner sat clicking away on her computer. Her long hair was twisted into a high and tight bun, meant to keep it from being a danger when they worked cases on the street. To him, he could easily use it to grab in his fist and pull her head back and get her mouth lined up to meet his.
Or to get those pouty lips to start telling him why she hadn’t taken a bite of the chicken sandwich she’d ordered from the takeout cart down the street.
“You gonna stare at me working, or you gonna actually jump in and help?” Sophie smiled at her computer screen.
They’d finished a case, thankfully rather easy and not too gruesome. Working homicide didn’t exactly make for cheerful conversation most shifts, but Sophie’s easy banter made the days less horrific. Since she’d started, he found himself less unwilling to get his ass to work every day.
“I finished mine already,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “You can take a break you know. Your sandwich’s been sitting there for a while. Probably cold by now.”
She stopped typing and glanced at the unwrapped sandwich sitting center stage on her desk. Not once in the short time they’d been partnered up had she skipped a meal. Not even after working a crime scene that could have been taken right out of a Freddy Krueger flick.
Sophie had a few more curves than most female officers in the precinct, but unlike other women he knew, it didn’t seem to bother her. So her staring at the sandwich, with her tongue running along her lower lip, and then shaking her head and going back to her report didn’t sit well.
“I’m good. After I finish this,” she said, her gaze sweeping over his face, but never landing on him.
He didn’t push the issue, but he really wanted to. He wanted to yank her from her chair and demand full honesty, but this wasn’t that sort of partnership. This was only work.
“Sophie, you seem distracted today? Got a new boyfriend causing trouble?” Okay, he was fishing, but he didn’t care. The idea of her going home at night and meeting someone for dinner made his spine tingle. He had no right to lay claim to her. They were partners, friends, and he doubted she would submit to his type of relationship, yet he still needed to probe.
She reached over the desk for a file. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” She opened the file and flipped through until she found what she must have been looking for and pulled out the sheet of paper.
“Ah, hard to find Prince Charming in this city, right?” He pressed, pulling himself closer to the desk. His erection wouldn’t be easy to miss if anyone walked past, and damned if he’d let her see how much of an effect she had on him.
“Not every girl wants Prince Charming,” she muttered more to herself than to him and turned back to her computer.
“No, I suppose not.” The last time he’d heard a girl say something along that line, she’d been negotiating a hard flogging scene with him at Black Light.
“But yeah, it’s definitely hard to find what I want in this city- or any other city.” She cast a short glance at him then straightened her back and dove into her report again.
Scott learned long ago not to play in the vanilla world. If a girl wasn’t into submission, he wouldn’t be the one to introduce the topic. But he couldn’t get an accurate read on Sophie. One second she could look at him with the softness he loved in a sub, and the next it was gone.
Aside from the fact she had more beauty in her little toe than that last dozen women he’d taken out, she had the brains and the confidence to go along with it.
“Russo! I need you a second.” Captain Peterson called from his office door.
He discreetly adjusted his hard on in his jeans and threw on his jacket to hopefully help hide it more before he stood up.
“Better go.” Sophie smiled, peeking at him from around her screen. “Don’t want to earn a spanking, “she teased. Her cheeks bloomed pink right before his eyes.
Yeah. Fate was a cruel bitch.

Measha Stone is an international bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, and suspense. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children, who are just as creative and crazy as her. Her vanilla writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, but she’s found her passion in erotic romance. She loves reading it, writing it, and living it whenever possible.


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