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FATED (Fated #1) by A.S. Roberts
Published; February 16th 2016, Indie Published


When naive, British physiotherapist, Frankie Jones, is offered the job of a lifetime, she decides letting go of her grief and moving on is exactly what the doctor ordered. But when she comes face to face with a sexy and irresistible blast from her past, she realises that this time she just can’t walk away.

Even if it means stirring up old memories and pain…

Assertive and controlling CEO, Alex Blackmore, is shackled to obligations–obligations he didn’t necessarily want. But now that Frankie is back in his life, he knows exactly what he does want–and will have. As their relationship intensifies, Alex’s worlds collide and their past resurfaces, threatening to destroy what they’re both working toward–letting go and moving on. Can Frankie and Alex fight their demons and embrace the future they’re FATED for?

This book is recommended for over 18’s only, due to HOT content!

I had the pleasure of meeting A S Roberts at Tattooed Bad Boys in York earlier this year and was instantly intrigued. Luckily, I was able to pick up a copy of FATED on the day and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series.

Roberts introduces us to the wonderful characters of Frankie and Alex, two people who meet at a time when emotions are on overdrive, their circumstances similar yet so very different. Frankie is a strong, British woman with a career orientated mindset and is brought into Alex’s world unbeknownst to her that they share a history.

Alex Blackmore is the ultimate alpha male, strong, broad set and handsome. He oozes power and sensuality, which instantly attracts both Frankie and us the reader. The situation between these two characters escalates at a steady pace and we find ourselves eager to see how the sensuality between them plays out.

In true romance style their relationship isn’t smooth sailing, hurdles are faced, sometimes head on, but with a flair that I feel is true to Roberts style of writing. This is an author who doesn’t beat around the bush with her stories and throws the reader straight into the thick of things. Something I found rather refreshing for the genre.

I enjoyed this happily ever after story, so much so that I will most definitely be investing in the other novels in the series. Roberts is a great writer, she knows her audience and is confident in delivering her characters. Overall a great addition to my ever expanding collection of contemporary romance novels.


You can buy FATED (Fated #1) from the following booksellers (and many more! Support local booksellers where you can!);

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)


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