#IncidentReport | #BookReview | DEAD MAN’S TIME (ROY GRACE #9) by Peter James @peterjamesuk (January 1st 2013, Pan Macmillan @panmacmillan)

DEAD MAN’S TIME (Roy Grace #9) by Peter James
1st January 2013, Pan Macmillan


A vicious robbery at a secluded Brighton mansion leaves its elderly occupant dying. Millions worth of valuables have been stolen. But as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, heading the enquiry, rapidly learns, there is one priceless item of sentimental value that her powerful family cherish above all else. And they are fully prepared to take the law into their own hands, and will do anything—absolutely anything—to get it back.

Within days, Grace is racing against the clock, following a murderous trail that leads him from the shady antiques world of Brighton, across Europe, and all the way back to the New York waterfront gang struggles of 1922, chasing a killer driven by the force of one man’s greed and another man’s fury.

I loved being back with Roy Grace as he yet again battles to fight crime and lock the bad guys away. I am now on book 9 and honestly enjoy each book so much which really surprises me every time. I was expecting them to start getting repetitive but somehow Peter manages to keep the stories fresh and different every time.

As always Dead Man’s Time has lots of twists and turns so you never know what to expect and are constantly waiting to see what is going to happen next. Even when you try to predict the outcome something will happen that will completely change the whole story.

I think Roy Grace is a very relatable character. He struggles with work, keeping his fiancé happy as well as juggling time with his new baby son. It is obvious that both Cleo and Noah are very important to him and he would move heaven and earth to be with them and protect them.

We also have the side characters that have become an integral part of the series. As we see them develop and how their personal lives effect both Roy and the story we soon become invested in them as much as Roy. We also find out more about Roy’s missing wife Sandy and a very interesting development which I am sure will affect the other later books in the series. It definitely encourages you to keep reading the series.

I also like how the stories don’t jump too much in time. They are all based just a couple of months apart despite the year gap in between them being released. It adds to the story as we find out how previous criminals ended up. The last few books have mentioned the court case for the person caught in book 2.

The series is very well written without being too detailed in regards to the crimes committed which make them easy and enjoyable crime novels. I love trying to guess what the end will be and look forward to finding out what will happen next to our favourite characters.


You can buy DEAD MAN’S TIME (Roy Grace #9) from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

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