#RisqueReads | #BookReview | BUY MY SOUL (Sixty Days #2) by Jade West @jadewestauthor ‏(December 8th 2018, Indie Published #IndieAuthor)

BUY MY SOUL (Sixty Days #2) by Jade West
Published; December 8th 2018, Indie Published

My sixty days begin here.

The beautiful monster holds my body and soul in his brutal fingers.
I’m his to use. His to dominate. His to command like a puppet on a stage for dirty eyes across the dark web.

I shouldn’t want this.

Shouldn’t want him.

Shouldn’t want to take every dark instruction from his lips and give him my everything.

But I do.

It should be about the money. About saving my sister from certain doom and bailing us both out of financial misery. 

It should be about forging a new life, a new world for the pair of us once my sixty days are served.

But it’s not.

Not anymore.

It’s about him.

“Warning. Part two ramps up a little from book one. As always, this is from Jade West’s imagination, complete with layer upon layer of inherent dirtiness. You have been warned.”

A little?! Book two is nastier, filthier, sexier, grubbier and I loved every minute of it. This book pushed my reading and taste boundaries to the point of being see through, and it made me question everything, but I loved this book! 

Jade’s work is not for the faint hearted. She really does push the romance genre as far as she can and explores situations that most people have never even thought about (I’ll never look at pasta the same way!!), but does it with such style you can enjoy it for what it is…a work of fiction.

Again told through dual POV, you really start to dig a little more deeper into the mindset of both Paige and Brandon, giving them more depth than we had in the previous instalment. We start to see a completely different side to Paige. She has now accepted her fate for the next sixty days and is able to submit fully to Brandon, while we then start to see cracks appear in Brandon’s behaviour with Paige. A behaviour that is quickly noticed by others which paves a dangerous path for them both.

Once again I was left with a cliffhanger ending, which although you could see coming, it still excited me to read the words and left me with that feeling of wanting to fight someone for the next book!! Jade truly is a master of words and I cannot wait to read the conclusion to Brandon & Paige’s story. If January 2019 could hurry itself along – that would be grand!

You can buy BUY MY SOUL (Sixty Days #2) from the following booksellers (and many more! Support local booksellers where you can!);

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)


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