#RisqueReads | #BookReview | MINE (A Hate Story) by Andie M.Long @AndieMichelle (May 19th 2017, #IndiePublished #IndieAuthor)

MINE (A Hate Story) by Andie M.Long
Published; May 19th 2017, Indie Published


I had my life all planned out, but in the blink of an eye it was gone. I lost my baby, my husband, my happy ever after. 

So I made another plan… 

Destroy the man who ruined it all. Edward Bonham. With his perfect wife and perfect life. Why should he be allowed to keep everything I’ve been denied? 

Years have passed; they think they’re safe. They think no one remembers. They think all is forgiven. But I will never forgive, I will never forget, and one day, retribution will be MInE.

You can never fully appreciate how quickly time flies by until you pick up a book to read that you purchased at an author signing back in APRIL and it’s now DECEMBER!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Andie at the Tattooed Bad Boys author signing back in April at York Racecourse. A day dedicated to authors who know how to write a bad boy…and you’ve guessed it, mostly tattooed 😉 after speaking with Andie about her works, I decided to take a punt on MINE.

Everything about the blurb stood out to me. A woman who loses everything and in a moment of clarity decides to make a choice to ruin those responsible and my word does she accomplish her plans and then some!!

This story has more twists and turns than an English country lane! Just as you think you have understood where each character fits into the overriding arc – you are hit with another revelation which changed my feelings towards the characters at each stage! MINE is certainly one of those stories that messes with your head…but in the best possible way!

You can buy MINE (A Hate Story) from the following booksellers (and many more! Support local booksellers where you can!);

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)


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