The Devils Highwaymen Nomads #3

I was born into this world, unwanted, unloved and underestimated.


I lived hard. I rode fast. And I chased my demons away with whisky, women and fighting.

Then I met Quinn Bailey, and everything changed. I wanted her like I’d never wanted any woman before. The chemistry between us was blistering, but she belonged to another brother.

I tried to stay away from her for as long as I could, but the fight was already lost.

I had to have her or die trying.


Battle scared me. But for all the right reasons.

There was no denying what we had, even if I had wanted to. But I was Ripped’s old lady. I was loyal to another MC. I belonged to another world. Another man.

But Battle was a soldier ready for war, and my love was the battle he was fighting for.

Battle #3 Teaser 1

The Devil’s Highwaymen Nomad Series

“Hey, mister?”

Battle turned around at the voice of one of the skater kids. “’Sup, kid?”

“Are you Battle?”

“Sure am.”

“Like, the Battle?” he asked, his eyes wide in amazement. He couldn’t have been younger than sixteen, but right then the kid looked like a twelve-year-old boy, his cheeks flushed and his eyes wide.

Battle chuckled and dropped his cigarette to the ground before stomping on it with his heavy boot. I did the same with mine even though I hadn’t even smoked any of it.

The kid turned to look at his friends, who had all stopped skating and were waiting with expectant gazes. “See, I told you it was him.” The kid looked back at Battle with a huge grin on his face. “Do you still skate?”

Battle chuckled again. “Not for a real long time, kid.”

The kid’s face fell.

A biker that skates? Now that is a first, I thought, unable to control my smile.

“Could you for us?” the kid asked, holding his board out to Battle.

Battle looked back around at me, looking me up and down, and I felt a shiver run through me, like he was caressing my skin with those beautiful starlit eyes of his, and I couldn’t hold back the smile that crept up my cheeks.

“Whaddya think?” he asked.

I smiled wider; I couldn’t help myself. When he smiled it was contagious, and I was infected by him.

“Should I show them a trick or two?”

I glanced at the kid, who was waiting expectantly, looking at me with pleading eyes like Battle was his superhero or something. It was cute, and Battle clearly loved the attention he was getting.

“I don’t know, I mean, do you think your body still has the stamina for something like this?” I joked. “You’re pretty old compared to these kids.”

Battle surprised me by throwing back his head and laughing. It was the sexiest laugh I had ever heard. I wanted to capture it with my mouth and swallow it down.

“I got the stamina.” He winked and I swooned like a sixteen-year-old girl. “Don’t you worry ’bout that, woman. I got all the stamina I need.”

Warmth pooled in my core at his words, because we both knew what he was talking about, and it had nothing to do with riding skateboards. I swallowed, knowing I was crossing a line and I needed to go right then. He was a biker and there was no way he didn’t know my old man. Fuck, I should have told him that I belonged to another man right away.

Battle reached over and plucked the skateboard from the kid’s hands, and all the kids started cheering and whooping. I couldn’t help but laugh and join in. He smirked and shook his head, his hands testing the skateboard’s strength. I couldn’t blame him. He was a wall of hard muscle, layer upon layer of it, and that much strength on top of a flimsy bit of wood didn’t seem safe.

Battle placed the skateboard on the ground and stepped onto it with one foot before pushing off with the other. As he started to move, his cut flapped open, revealing a hard, bare chest and tribal tattoos. He had a silver ring in his right nipple, and I would have given anything to suck it into my mouth. I clenched my thighs together again, and even though I’d tried to be discreet, Battle must have seen because his gaze dropped to my thighs, and I swear I heard a low rumble come from somewhere in his chest.

I needed to sit down before I fell down.

No, I needed to go. I was forgetting my place. Forgetting who I belonged to. Battle wouldn’t be looking at me with that look in his eye once he found out who I was, that was for certain. Yet I found that I wanted more of it. More of him looking at me like I was something special.

The kids had started chanting Battle’s name and he let his gaze roam back up my body, a cocky, delicious smirk on his face as he finally turned away and started to skate faster. He started with some small flips and tricks, like he was only just warming up, before taking a huge ramp with such speed that I worried he’d go off the end, but at the last minute he bent down low and caught the end of the skateboard, twisting his body and the board as one as he left the ramp and flew through the air before landing again.

His muscles bent and arced with every twist of his lean body, and I stood mesmerized, watching his every movement. Battle skated faster and faster, bending low on the board as the kids continued to cheer his name and clap, and he gripped the bottom of the board and suddenly he was airborne again, his body moving at lightning speed before landing with a loud bang and skidding to a halt.

The kids rushed him, charging full speed to high-five him. One of the kids handed him a marker and he flipped over the board and scrawled his name across the bottom, loving the attention. And if I could have been anyone or anything at that moment in time, I would have been that board as his hand glided across it, branding it with his name like I wanted him to brand my body with his touch.


Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International bestselling author with almost twenty novels of various genres to her credit.

A lover of all things dark and dirty, she likes to write characters you love to hate but can’t help falling in-love with. She isn’t afraid to challenge herself, or her readers, to step outside of their comfort zones.

She also writes under the pen name of Cee Cee Riley, where she writes in the MC romance and post-apocalyptic romance genres.

Claire lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and three daughters where she can be found whiling away her days playing board games with her kids and reading.

Author of:

 Odium The Dead Saga Series

Odium Origins Series

Limerence (The Obsession Series)

Out of the Dark Series,

Twisted Magic,

Beautiful Victim

Blood Claim

Co-authored books with Madeline Sheehan:

Thicker than Blood,

Beneath Blood & Bone,

& Shut Up & Kiss me,

And by Cee Cee Riley:

The Ride or Die a Devil’s Highwaymen MC Novel Series

And coming soon – The Devil’s Highwaymen NOMAD series.

Contact Links:




All books available in paperback, eBook and audiobook and almost all in Kindle Unlimited!

Love for Odium. The Dead Saga Series.

“Claire C. Riley is a name you need to add to your list. She may very well be the best writer you have never heard of…but need to.”

TW Brown—author of the DEAD series, That Ghoul Ava, The Zomblog series and editor for May December Publications

“Riley’s subtle variances on traditional zombies make for a brilliant read. Odium 3 is a must-read for zombie enthusiasts everywhere.”

Shana Festa – The Bookie Monster Blog & Author of Time of Death series.

“In a world gone mad, with enemies both alive and dead, Claire C. Riley takes her readers on one hell of a heart-pounding journey alongside a very relatable heroine. Filled with nail-biting twists and turns, Odium isn’t a story you’ll soon forget.”

Madeline Sheehan, USA Today Best Selling Author
The Holy Trinity Series
The Undeniable Series

Thicker than Blood Series


Odium is a well-balanced horror tale filled with vivid imagery, engaging characters, and heart-racing action. This series quickly made my favorite zombie reads of all time!”

Toni Lesatz—My Book Addiction blog &

My Zombie Addiction FB group 1

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