#LettersFromTheHeart | #BookReview | A LAKE HOUSE HOLIDAY by Megan Squires @MeganSquires (16th October 2018, #IndieAuthor #IndiePublished)

Published; October 16th 2018, Indie Published

Sometimes you need to get away to find the place your heart calls home. 

Jolene Carter lives in Merrylark Lake, a quaint town where neighbors are like family and vacationers become fast friends. With her dream of opening a downtown storefront on hold, Jolene volunteers wherever she can, whether it be at Cat’s Coffee Cart or the town’s annual tree lighting. It is while she’s tending to her neighbor’s vacation rental that Jolene meets Luke, a cowboy with a mustang rescue and a past he’s hoping to leave back at the ranch. 

Luke Handley isn’t one to believe in holiday magic. That disappeared when his winter wedding was called off and his honeymoon was canceled. But the more time he spends in Merrylark, the more he’s convinced this magic exists. When Luke’s ex unexpectedly shows up as the other half to the lake house reservation, things get complicated. Luke knows all the magic in the world won’t clear up this misunderstanding. If he’s learned anything from Jolene, though, it’s that helping others is the most effective way to show love. With a surprise up his sleeve and a little help from his new Merrylark friends, Luke hopes he’s able to do just that.

I really wanted to read a festive book on the run up to Christmas so I picked this one by Megan Squires. I have read some of her work before and really enjoyed it so I thought it might be good to stick to what I know. 

This was exactly what I needed to get me feeling Christmassy. Based in a little town called Merrylark, (even the town name promises a place of happiness) this is a tale of romance that grows around decorating the Christmas tree and turning the town lights on. Jolene and Luke are 2 lovable characters that you instantly like and as their love story develops you can’t help but hope they find a way to be together. 

I found this to be very predictable (in a good way!), I knew exactly what was going to happen but I wanted something light hearted and warm and that was exactly what this was! I found myself lost in the story and the descriptions are so well written that the story comes to life in your imagination. From the decorations used on the tree and the beautiful town its a place and a story that you want to climb into and be a part of.

I really enjoyed this festive read and would highly recommend to someone just wanting to enjoy the run up to Christmas. Don’t get in expecting huge shock twists or anything dramatic and you won’t be disappointed. This really reminded me that I like Megan Squires and must read the rest of her work that I haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

You can buy A LAKE HOUSE HOLIDAY from the following booksellers (and many more!);

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)


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