#MovieMonday | ID4: INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996)

roadshow GIF-source

Welcome to another MOVIE MONDAY!

Each week (obvs on a Monday…hence the title of the feature!) we will bring to you one of our personal favourites. We hope you enjoy and share with us your favourite movies!

This tag is open to anyone who wants to join us. Just be sure to comment with your blog link so we can geek out together!

This weeks movie is one of my all time feel good movies….

Directed by; Roland Emmerich

Can anyone remember The Britannia Club? I certainly can! My Nan used to order her VHS collection from them and when I used to visit, there would always be a new one waiting to be watched. Stargate, Waterworld…and this little beauty.

For starters – who can forget the images of the crafts entering the atmosphere and taking their positions across the earth?!

Then we have the attack sequence! At the time of first watching this movie I was only 9 years old and the graphics, the action, I loved and still love everything about this movie! For months, I would try and work out whether my town would get caught up in the attack. FYI – I would have been safe!

We then also have one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard in a movie! I still get goosebumps now listening to Bill! “WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!!”

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum gave me ALL the feels in this movie. Yes – some may argue that Independence Day (or ID4 to us geeks!) is a cheesy alien invasion movie…and maybe it is, but I love every minute of it! I don’t think there’s one day that goes by where I don’t quote the movie in some form. I’m THAT cool.

We then have this face….. ’nuff said.


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