#LettersFromTheHeart | #BookReview | Adam Loveday (Loveday #1) by Kate Tremayne (November 25th 1999, McArthur & Co. @McArthurCo)

ADAM LOVEDAY (Loveday #1) by Kate Tremayne
Published: November 25th 1999, McArthur & Co.

Adam Loveday is denied his inheritance of the family estate, Trevowan and his father’s boatyard through birthright. Fearful of his fathers growing disapproval however, his feckless elder twin, St.John, plots to ensure that Adam gains neither the boatyard nor the love of local Meriel Sawle.

When I finished the Poldark saga last year after enjoying it so much I was eager to find something similar to get stuck into. Along came my friend who recommended the Loveday series to me, I was a little nervous about starting another series that sounded so similar but Adam Loveday didn’t disappoint.

Not as well written as Winston Graham’s series and there are ALOT of similarities between both series but if you take it as it comes and try to forget Poldark and enjoy the Lovedays for who they are it really is very enjoyable.

Starting with Adam returning home after a trip to sea with the British Navy Adam is keen to get stuck into working at his family’s boatyard but comes up against his twin brother St John who by being born just a few minutes before Adam is set to inherit both the estate and the shipyard but doesn’t deserve it as he doesn’t want to put any of the hard labour into it. When Adam’s head is turned by a young inn keeper’s daughter Meriel, the twin rivalry makes another apperance resulting in St John being forced into marriage with Meriel.

Adam, like Ross, is very likeable. A man of character and rightfulness he stands up for who and what he believes in. I think he is quite strong minded and I am sure we will get to see more of that in future books. St John is a character that you dislike from the start. The jealously he holds for his twin brother is tangible and a big part of the story. He doesn’t seem to put any thought into his actions and many times throughout the story that backfires on him. He does redeem himself slightly when he does seem to genuinely love and care for Meriel. Meriel is a very dislikeable character and enjoys encouraging St John into the scrapes that he so often finds himself. She is very selfish and only thinks about how she can improve her status in life.

I have to include how annoying the name St John is – it is pronounced Sinjun but I have to remind myself so many times during the book because I was reading it was Saint John. It’s not a name I have ever heard before and it did take away from the story slightly. 

Overall I did really enjoy this story and it will be a great replacement for the hole that Poldark left in my life. I am eager to continue the series and to find out where else the Lovedays will take us on their journey. 

You can pick up your copy of ADAM LOVEDAY (Loveday #1) at the following outlets (but remember to shop your local indie booksellers too!);

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)


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