#Review | #BookReview | NOWHERE LEFT TO FALL (THE NOWHERE TRILOGY #1) by Kat Mizera @AUTHORKATMIZ (September 10th 2019)

Thank you very much to Heather at L Woods PR and Kat Mizera for providing a copy of the book to [K]

The review below is 100% honest and all of her own views.


I have nowhere left to fall…

I’ll never be King. But being sixth in line is both a blessing and a curse.

My birth order affords me the privilege of loving whomever I choose, even if she’s a free-spirited rock star. She loves me back and that’s all the power I’ll ever need.

Yet, the future of the kingdom lies in the hands of my asshole cousin, who will absolutely lead our country into a civil war if he takes the throne.

I wish I could ignore the fact that the first-born son of the King is the last person who should rule.

If I could, I would focus on making Casey Hart mine and building a life with the girl I’ve loved most of my life.
But fate has other plans… and the Kingdom isn’t the only thing at risk of falling.


Blimey! Where do I start with this one… 

When we first meet Casey she is a superstar rockstar at the height of her career just finishing a long tour with her band. Returning home she meets Prince Erik who’s family is best friends with Casey’s parents. After all these years of holding a crush but fearing the other is not interested they finally get it together. But whilst Erik and Casey are enjoying their whirlwind romance, his cousin Prince Anwar’s behaviour is creating more and more cause of concern as the King is getting older and he is the heir to the throne of Limaj.

The story was well paced, and as it was narrated from both POV the benefit was as a reader we get to know both characters, hearing all their thoughts and feelings.

This was a lovely book with a heartwarming romance which started like a fairy tale and ended with an OMG!

I cannot wait to read what happens next!


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