#CoverReveal | #Preorder | MOUNTAIN DESIRE by Vanessa Vale @IAMVANESSAVALE (January 14th 2020) @LWoodsPR

Mountain Desire by Vanessa Vale releases on January 14th!

Amazon- https://amzn.to/37EiOgb
Apple- https://apple.co/37AkJCC
Nook- http://bit.ly/mountain_desire_nook
Kobo- http://bit.ly/mountain_desire_kobo
Google- http://bit.ly/mountain_desire_google

Universal- http://bit.ly/mountain_desire_universal

When Dr. Samantha Smyth confuses the town’s sexy mechanic for a patient, she gets a lesson she’ll never forget…

Being a child genius might have made Sam a doctor by twenty-two, but she’s learned nothing about men. Her world is scalpels and scrubs, not silk and seduction. Sam is used to receiving attention for her brain, not her body, but when Mac and Hardin find out she needs tutoring between the sheets, they volunteer for the job. They’re diligent in their task, ensuring she’s an expert in pleasure… with them. Only them.

Mac knows he is nothing the beautiful doctor deserves. He works with his hands. He’s rough around the edges, tattooed and older, but he wants her anyway. He and his best friend, Hardin, have spent years searching for a woman they can claim together. Hardin likes the quiet life and spends more time with horses than humans, which suits him just fine. But one taste of Sam and it’s not just passion they feel for their woman. It’s protectiveness. Possession.

When they discover Sam might be targeted by a murderer on the loose, they won’t let anything take her away. And their protective instinct reaches a new level when Hardin discovers he might just be related to the killer.

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