#BookReview | SIDE EFFECTS by Dee Palmer @deepalmerwriter

Thank you very much to Give Me Books and Dee Palmer for providing a copy of the book to *M*

The review below is 100% honest and all of her own views.


Side effects of working with the world’s hottest doctor

Raised temperature,

Raised blood pressure

Raised pulse


Dropped panties

He’s my new boss.

He’s my Ex

He’s still the hottest doctor on the planet.

But he’s my Ex for a reason, a very good reason

And yet

Here I am gathering what’s let of my dignity

along with my tattered panties.

Resisting the good doctor’s charms is proving

to be tougher than raising a feisty five year old.

He’s so used to getting his way,

But when he threatens to take everything

The gloves come off,

He may wear the white coat

But I wear a single-mother frickin cape. 


Side Effects by Dee Palmer is one of those reads where you are dying to know the facts, to see what went wrong for the leading couple and hope that they can get their lives together. From the offset we know there is a history between Regan and Joel, that much is evident from their early sex scenes and the emotional aftermath. Palmer cleverly works flash backs into the narrative of this story, to ensure that the reader knows the full ins and outs of this volatile relationship. 

The mixture of romantic wreckage and hopeful salvation between Regan and Joel make for an explosive couple, a couple you want to get to know and see through to the end. Here we have a story that exudes confidence in the form of our cocky leading man and vulnerability with our leading lady. Regan is sure of herself most of the time, confident but falls easily and quickly for Joel’s charms but who can blame her. Palmer sure knows how to write alpha males and she does it well. 

This was a great story to read, one that kept me guessing and intrigued. I couldn’t fault the characters and even though one is particular is a questionable character, overall I’d recommend this novel to anyone who likes their leading men a little too cocky and their sexual chemistry with a slight kink. 


You can buy Side Effects from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)

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