#MiniReviewMonday | #BookReviews | 06/01/2020 | First one of the year!

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Never has a quote been so relevant to EVERY book worm around the globe (and further!). SO many books, but so little time! The same can also be said for book bloggers. We read that many books so we can share them with our audience, but we find ourselves short of time to write all our thoughts down in a comprehensive review.

This brings us nicely to ‘Mini Review Monday’. A place where, to compliment our current content, we can share with you some of our initial thoughts on books we have been reading over the last week.

Pirates: The Orgone Chronicles – Nobilis Reed


The Orgone Chronicles continues… After their adventures in “SCOUTS” [Book One of The Orgone Chronicles, and 2011 EPIC eBook Award Finalist] – Challers and Valka are safe, protected aboard the Pirate city-ship known as “Port.” The scars of their ordeal among the Scouts remain, however. Valka is stuck with a hyper-fertile Ovor body, and the only way for them to raise enough money to change her back, is for them to join the Worthies-reality-TV celebrities who are always on camera. In an environment where loyalty is dismissed and betrayal is rewarded, their love suffers its greatest test yet. Meanwhile, on Stakroya Station, their classmate Renedy wrestles with a budding sexuality that does not fit the station’s rigid mold. An intimate night with the man who has been chosen for her does not go well at all. Instead she finds herself attracted to another woman; a relationship the Station can never condone. Through it all, the sinister eyes of the Scouts see all. Freedom, for all involved, must be won again and again.


Sometimes starting a trilogy in the middle can be a little confusing, with this book this wasn’t the case.

The world was explained well without distracting from the story. The book had different points of view and was was easy to follow even when switching from different areas as well as viewpoints. After the end of each chapter it kept you wanting more, infact I can’t wait for the next book to see what happens next!

Definitely will be purchasing the first book, and I highly recommend them for readers who like this genre. 


From A Poison Pen by B P Smythe


From the extraordinary mind of B.P.Smythe comes a collection of ten short stories.

What happens when a member of the Hitler youth ends up in a concentration camp?… How does a beach side cocktail get in the way the way of one woman’s scheming?… What leads a teenage girl to reign down fire and brimstone?… Can a killer find a victim’s diary that incriminates him?…

This collection of dark, humorous and macabre tales explores the disturbing side of human nature.
`From a Poison Pen’ by B.P.Smythe is the first book in a trilogy of collected short stories.


Despite the size there is a surprisingly large collection of short stories.

There was a variety of characters in each story, and unpredictable storylines, there were twists that I didn’t see coming!

Looking forward to reading more from this author.


Well that’s the first mini review Monday of this year! Have you read any of the books above? Let us know your thoughts! 

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