#MiniReviewMonday | #MovieMonday | DIRTY, SEXY, SAINT aired 2019 by Passionflix @PassionFlix | Original story by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde @carlyphillips @erikawilde1

Today we have a little something different for you, not a mini book review a film review. Enjoy!


Clay Kincaid hates the nickname ‘Saint’, he got for being too kind to stray animals and desperate people. Especially when it comes to women. With a rough and damaged past that has left him jaded, he doesn’t do committed relationships. This is before he meets Samantha Jamieson, an heiress turned runaway in need of help. When she starts to work as a waitress at his bar, he discovers that she is someone truly special and amazing… someone that could warm his damaged heart.


Another novel, another PassionFlix adaptation and once again a novel I haven’t had the chance to read. 

I really should read the novels before watching these adaptations, to give myself the background knowledge to appreciate the films more. With Dirty, Sexy, Saint we have a good story, a clear leading couple and plenty of action of the intimate variety.

The film is a good watch, no real emotional investment on my part personally due to not being familiar with the story but the actors work well with the material, the chemistry between them convincing on screen. 

This is another film where we’re thrown into the story and watch as everything unfolds before us, never once doubting the pace of the plot. I felt like this film does have the potential to be fleshed out, as if more elements from the source material could have been used.

As with any film adaptation, its difficult to include every detail from a book, but this is something that all book lovers wish for when their favourites are being brought to life on screen. Again I’ve not read the novel Dirty, Sexy, Saint, so am unable to ascertain to any missing details but whilst I enjoyed the film, for me, this is one I’ll watch once and probably not pursue again.


You can find more information regarding Dirty Sexy Saint on Carly Phillip’s website CarlyPhillips.com/dirty-sexy-saint-movie

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Have you seen Dirty Sexy Saint? Or do you recommend any other series for us to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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