#MiniReviewMonday | #BookReviews | 30/03/2020

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Never has a quote been so relevant to EVERY book worm around the globe (and further!). SO many books, but so little time! The same can also be said for book bloggers. We read that many books so we can share them with our audience, but we find ourselves short of time to write all our thoughts down in a comprehensive review.

This brings us nicely to ‘Mini Review Monday’. A place where, to compliment our current content, we can share with you some of our initial thoughts on books we have been reading over the last week.

Claimed By The Zandian – by Renee Rose and Rebel West



I was born blind. My genes are defective.

Unsuitable for breeding.

That’s the only reason I don’t claim the alluring human

we rescued from a slave auction.

I have no intention of mating her,

especially since she’s meant for another.

But when she calls me Master, I can’t help but take command.

And command I will. 


Tarek is blind, and because of his blindness, despite his briliant other skills, he refuses to allow himself to accept a mate. Until he meets her… Despite his best intentions he just can not stay away.

I couldn’t say I normally pick up alien romance books, but after reading a previous alien romance book by another author I thought I would give this one a try. I fell into the story very quickly bonding with the characters and getting myself emotionally involved in the story.

As this was a fairly short book I was disappointed when it ended, wishing I could spend longer in Tarek’s world. 

This was my first book I’ve read in this series, but will definitely not be my last. Cannot wait to get my hands on another in the series!


The 50/50 Killer – Steve Mosby


The 50/50 killer preys on couples.

He manipulates their love for each other and makes them play a game.
He stalks them, tortures them and then forces them to choose.
What is going to break first? Their will or their love for each other?
Only two things are certain:
One of them will die.
And the other will have killed them.


When I first saw this book the cover was the first thing that attracted me to it.  What was meant by a 50/50 killer? When I discovered this was because the killer chose couples and made them chose who should die I found this to be an intriguing concept.

Within the first few pages I was hooked, no slow build up to the action, that started right from the very beginning.

The story twists and turns really well, just as I thought I had worked out who the killer was, there was another element thrown into the mix that confused my theories. 

This was my first book by this author, but I will actively be looking for more of his work as I do enjoy a good well written psychological thriller.


Have you read/listened to any of the books above? Or any previously featured on Mini Review Monday? Let us know your thoughts! 

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