#Review | #BookReview | THE LOVEDAY FORTUNES (LOVEDAY #2) by Kate Tremayne (December 7th 2000)


Cornwall: 1791. Edward Loveday’s brother-in-law, Charles, has been found dead, the reputation of his bank in tatters. His investors’ money lost on failed ventures, Charles has left the Lovedays facing financial ruin. Adam finds refuge from the financial pressures in his relationship with the gypsy-bred Senara – whom he is determined to marry despite his father’s threats of disinheritance. His twin, St John, decides to throw his hand in with the Sawle brothers – violent smugglers. As changing fortunes – both personal and financial – put strain on a family already buckling with internal tensions, each one of the Lovedays must sacrifice personal ambition and unite to overcome this crisis. But to some of them, sacrifice does not come easy…


After finishing Adam Loveday and enjoying more than I thought I was eager to get stuck into book 2 , The Loveday Fortunes.

​Starting off with Edward Loveday’s brother in law, Charles Mercer, having to decide whether to gamble with his family’s fortunes or commit suicide it leads with Edward, Adam and cousin Japhet having to travel up to London when Charles has disappeared. When there Thomas, Charle’s son, admits to Edward that Charles looks to be in a lot of financial trouble including all the money from the Loveday’s own business being gone. As Edward tries to support Thomas and help save the Mercer’s bank he has to send word back to Cornwall that cut backs need to be made. This doesn’t go down well with Meriel and St John who come up with a  dangerous plan to make their own fortune. Ripping off Lanyon who thinks himself high up in the chain of class a robbery takes place. When Adam inadverterly gets involved he instructs St John to ensure the money that was made to be given to their father. ​​

St John and Meriel do not redeem themselves in this book. With even more greed and jealously between them it seems as if they will stop at nothing to get to the riches and fortunes they seek. ​​

Adam is as lovable as ever and his relationship with Senara goes from strength to strength he tries to convince her tirelessly to marry him. As Senara feels that she would do him a misjustice by doing so she continues to reject him. The romance between the 2 of them is really lovely and Senara as a character really grows in this book. When Meriel’s maid gossips about Senara and Meriel’s brother Harry it causes Senara to run off back to her gypsy family. Adam determined not to lose her goes on a chase to track her down which leads to the most heart warming ending I could ever imagine.​​

Again, as with Adam Loveday, there are a lot of similarities between the Lovedays and the Poldarks. This series is definitely not as well written as the Poldark series but if you read Lovedays with an open mind and take it for what it is, it is just as enjoyable as the Poldarks and well worth a read if looking for something with a similar feel.​​

The Loveday books are ended in a way that you don’t feel like you have a frustrating cliffhanger, luckily all 11 books are already released so you don’t have to wait to continue reading if you don’t want to anyway but sometimes it is nice to be able to have a break in between books which you feel you can do when there is not a cliff hanger.​​

There are a range of characters in this book, some you like, some you love and some you hate. I love how you go through a range of feelings and emotions whilst reading the book. I found myself going from smiling and happy to angry and disgusted. I also love how some of the smaller characters got bigger storylines in this book, with Thomas meeting Georganna who I hope we get to hear more from in future books, to Japhet who seems to be so very loyal to the Loveday name.​​

I suppose I could keep rambling but I will end by saying give this series a try and find out for yourself why I enjoyed it so much. ​


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