Blimey, June already!

Already halfway through the year!

Hope everyone is well and still staying safe?

It is still strange times at the moment, I was supposed to be on holiday mid May but obviously was cancelled. I am gutted but I would rather be at home safe, even if I do miss out on the Greek beach this year.

I find I am flying through my reading at the moment, I am just waiting to come to a grinding halt.

This week *S* is participating in the HEA Readathon, never heard of it? Click this link *here* to be taken to the insta post giving details.

Once the week is over *S* will give us an update as to how she has got on, I may try and read a couple on this list myself if I can

How are you finding your reading is going? Better or worse as time goes on? Would you like to see more in these update posts? Are you joining *S* in the HEA Readathon? Please let us know how you get on!

Let us know in the comments below!


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