#Review | #BookReview | HIS TRUE QUEEN by Jodi Ellen Malpas @JODIELLENMALPAS (August 7th 2018) @EverAfterRom


The breathtaking conclusion of The Smoke & Mirrors Duology.

A beautiful, defiant princess. A renowned, sinfully gorgeous Hollywood actor.

A love affair that is sure to rock the British Monarchy…and the world.

Their love affair began intensely and passionately. Princess Adeline and Josh Jameson knew any future together was impossible—her status as a princess and his standing as a Hollywood heartthrob dictated that. But the heights of pleasure they could take each other to were wildly unanticipated by them both. Josh’s absolute disregard for Adeline’s status quickly drew her into his hedonistic world. And her perfectly worn mask and false façade captivated Josh to the point of obsession. The boundaries became blurred. The physical became emotional. Their hearts became entwined.

But a cruel turn of events rips their worlds apart and Adeline is more bound than ever by the protocol and expectations her title commands. The army of royal advisors who guard the secrets and scandals of the Monarchy will go to unthinkable lengths to keep the smoke and mirrors in place…and Josh away from Adeline. She knows the power she possesses comes with agonizing sacrifices. Walking away from Josh devastates her…but it keeps him safe from the corrupt institution that has ruled her life.

Yet Josh refuses to lose the woman who has consumed him so completely, distorted his boundaries, and stripped him of all sensibility.

Will the power of the British Monarchy triumph? Or will their fierce love for each other change the course of history?


The second novel in Jodi Ellen Malpas’ Smoke and Mirrors duology is everything we have come to expect from this amazing author. A tale of two lovers, who are fighting against all the odds to be together. 

In true romance style the path to being together for our lead characters isn’t plain sailing, with everything stacked against them it’s hard for the reader to see how things might work out. JEM keeps us guessing, keeps us reading, eager to see what will be become of these two beautiful people. 

Once again you become invested in these characters, eager for Adeline and Josh to figure out their differences, see the damage being inflicted from around them and stand together to face it. Sure, in our minds we believe they can do, that they can face and overcome the adversity but with each turn of the page it becomes harder to see. 

The novel is another foray into the JEM world, another set of characters that you take into your heart and come to cherish. It took me a long time to bring myself to read the second and last book in this duet, but I am glad I picked this back up, thoroughly enjoying the read, I could not put the book down. 

Another JEM treasure has been added to the bookshelves, a shelf that is shaping up to hold some of my all-time favourites novels and one that I cannot wait to add to in the future. 

Here’s hoping Jodi Ellen Malpas never stops writing, we need her work in the world, her characters to devour and cherish. 


You can buy His True Queen from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)

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Have you read His True Queen? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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