July?! How have we made it to the 7th month in the year?

I feel like its still around Easter!

I think this is because despite time still plodding along my usual markers to pass the year have been put on hold (holidays, birthday gatherings etc)

Hope everyone is still well in these strange times

Well it has finally happened, my reading speed has slowed right down, I think this is because work is pretty much kick my a$$ at the moment (apologies for the language) As things go back to the new normal my work is getting busier and keeping the blog as up to date as I can, I definitely feel like a duck, look as though I’m gliding along but legs are going like billy-o underneath the water!

I think for my bookbag this month I will cut down on my amount to read, I don’t want to overchallenge myself. Especially with my library hopefully reopening on 13th July! (yay) I’m sure I will end up picking more new reads

How has things been for yourselves? Are you getting used to the new normal? whether that be new working lives, being on furlough or being a substitute teacher before the kids go back to school.

Let us know in the comments below!


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