Double #CoverReveal | TEMPTATION and CORRUPTION (DUNGEON ELITE) by Leigh Lennon @4leighlennon (July 23rd and August 6th 2020)


Temptation (Dungeon Elite, #1) 

Author: Leigh Lennon 

Genre: BDSM

Release Date: July 23rd

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Book Description:


I’ve never been loved. Growing up with a drunk father taught me to trust no one. When a man offers me a way to achieve my freedom, I’m put to the test. He thinks he’ll win when all I see is a man who wants to strip me of my freedom. I’ll play his game, because in the end, I’ll be the victor.

No man will ever have full control over me again.


I’ve never loved another. I own them, I play with them, and I let them go. Until I meet Eve, and I see more behind her eyes. She needs to be owned and dominated. I can’t promise her love, but she has me rethinking everything I’ve ever known. She thinks she’ll win our little bet, but she’ll learn.

I always get what I want.

Corruption (Dungeon Elite, #2) 

Author: Leigh Lennon 

Genre: BDSM

Release Date: August 6th

Preorder Corruption: 



His hands and his commanding nature are all I want in this life I’ve chosen for myself. Everyone thinks they know what’s best for me. I’m a preacher’s daughter, but it doesn’t mean I’m innocent. But, there’s only one man I want, and he doesn’t do long term relationships. When another shows interest in me, he fights for me. I want nothing more than to be his submissive. I will always submit to him because it’s Maddox—the only man I’ve ever wanted.


She’s a preacher’s daughter and innocent in every way that matters. When I take the very last of her innocence, I let her go because I don’t commit. But, she’s embedded herself into my heart, and I can’t let her go. When another threatens to take her from me, I do anything and everything in my power to make her mine. My heart was frozen solid until I met her—loving her has changed me because she’ll always be the exception to all my rules.

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