#BlogTour | #BookReview | FROM ROMANIA WITH LOVE (GONE WITH THE WAVES #1) by Brian David Bruns (July 21st 2020) @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Hello and welcome to our stop on the From Romania With Love blog tour! Please scroll down for [K]’s review.


He found his one-and-only on land. But now that they’re at sea, will passion stay full steam ahead?

Brian never thought a single conversation could steal his heart and expand his world. But when he strikes an instant connection with a Romanian beauty, he gets swept up in a hilarious, carefree, romantic escape to her native Transylvania. So when she must leave to work on a cruise ship, he impulsively dons his sailing cap and follows her aboard.

Though he was unprepared for the grueling onboard training of new hires, his determination to be with her surpasses his awkward American moments. But as the reality of long days and seasick nights sets in, dark secrets surface that threaten to pull their courtship under…

Will Brian need a lifejacket to keep his relationship afloat?

From Romania with Love is the first book in the delightful Gone with the Waves romantic comedy series, entirely of true events in the author’s life. If you enjoy travelogue-like settings, witty banter, and reckless hearts, then you’ll adore Brian David Bruns’s continent-spanning adventure.


Brian has found the love of his life, but when she decides to work on a cruise ship, his choice is either to join her or wait behind. He choses to join her, unfortunately due to the type of work he is employed to do this is not on the same ship. Co-ordinating their holidays so they can spend time together, will this relationship stay afloat?

I have previously been on a cruise, and whilst I have had an idea of the long hours the staff have to work, this was a completely new insight into their lives. Brian writes an engaging journal of his life on board as a ships auctioneer (prior to reading this book, I never knew this was a thing!), the excitement and challenges his job involves and the ups and downs of trying to keep a relationship alive whilst on different ships with limited contact available.

This was a fantastic insight into life on board a cruise ship, and I am definitely looking forward to picking up book 2 soon!

Author Bio:

Brian David Bruns has adventured in over 60 countries to gather material for his books and won dozens of literary awards, including the USA REBA Grand Prize. Since his debut, Cruise Confidential, became a national bestseller, he has been featured on ABC 20/20, CBS Inside Edition, and in articles translated for a dozen nations.

Bruns writes of his global experiences with a self-mocking wit, an astute insight into human behaviour, and a love of quirky history. After several years residing in Dracula’s hometown (yes, really), he and his Romanian wife now live in Las Vegas with their two old rescue cats, Julius and Caesar.

You can buy From Romania With Love from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

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