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Good morning everyone, [K] here

Here is a new feature for the blog that I hope will benefit my never ending and ever growing reading pile.

I am into the 10th bookbag, and with lockdown easing more and more I find my opportunities to read are fading again.

I have committed myself to blog tours but due to this I am limited to what I can read in addition to my ARC reads due to time, so I keep telling myself I need to calm down with the blog tours, but then another email appears that piques my interest! I am sure my library book bag and TBR pile are silently judging my decisions…

To remedy this, I have decided to set myself a challenge of 4 books a month (not alot I know, but I am trying to be realistic), including any for blog tours that I am participating in, which I will put in a bag and aim to finish by the end of the month when I will give an update as to how I progressed.

For this month, as I have committed to quite few blog tours and I have a few library books due back, my reading aims are a little higher again

October’s #bookbag selection for [K] in my Newark Book Festival bag:

My new Newark Book Festival bag holds the following reads:

Under My Skin by Jo-Anne Joseph (blog tour)

The Lost Island (Amelia (Ami) Gray #1) by Darla Stone (blog tour)

The Sleeping Mountain (Amelia (Ami) Gray #2) by Darla Stone (blog tour)

Lost & Waiting by Amanda Read (blog tour)

Torrid Love by Scarlett Avery (blog tour)

Torrid Passion by Scarlett Avery (blog tour)

Torrid Rush by Scarlett Avery (blog tour)

Torrid Kiss by Scarlett Avery (blog tour)

Damaged Desires by L J Evans (blog tour)

Trolled (Internet Famous Collection) by M K Moore (blog tour)

Devoted (Internet Famous Collection) by Jade Royal (blog tour)

Beast (Internet Famous Collection) by Nancy Chastain (blog tour)

Stagefight (Internet Famous Collection) by Mel Walker (blog tour)

The Stranded by Stuart James (blog tour)

A Bewitching Murder (The Witches of Enchanted Bay) by Amelia Morgan (audiobook)

Is there any that you suggest I should read first? Or any that are on your TBR? Are you following a similar idea to start reducing your book towers at home?

Let us know in the comments below!


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