#PromoPost | #Audiobook | PETALS OF RAIN by Rica Keenum @ricawrites @LWoodsPR

Petals of Rain by Rica Keenum is now in audio!

“This story broke and healed my heart. From page one to the end, I felt a kindred spirit in Rica and how parallel our lives were and are. A must-read for women who have gained experience through the lesson’s life has put us through and know our true worth. Thank you, Rica.” – Amazon Reviewer

Amazon Direct — https://amzn.to/3j0nqmm
Audible — https://adbl.co/2FNpwaS

Taking a girl’s voice is the same as taking her power.

This is a memoir about love and loss, secrets and lies. When a young girl from a broken family meets a charming man, she attempts to build a new life. But after a whirlwind marriage and the birth of two sons, their love story rips apart at the seams.

Exploring the impact of parents’ sins on the lives of children and the fates we endure for the chance to be loved, the story follows a mother navigating motherhood and womanhood – an abuse survivor emerging and learning to speak, to scream, to sing to her own wounded heart and to finally understand what it takes to be whole after breaking to pieces. Weaving the present and past together, the author reveals her truth in hauntingly evocative scenes.

As surely as the sun shines behind the grayest clouds, healing comes drop by drop. Like petals of rain.

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