#TeaserShare | LOVE LACEY DONOVAN by Jill Brashear (October 15th 2020) @LWoodsPR

Get your small town romance fix!
Love, Lacey Donovan by Jill Brashear releases on October 15th!

Amazon -- https://amzn.to/2RIHVYs
Universal -- getbook.at/LoveLaceyD
Apple -- https://apple.co/2H9fIrO
Nook -- https://bit.ly/3kx9yAm
Kobo -- https://bit.ly/32I8iEn
Google -- https://bit.ly/33Hvj9H

Book boyfriends are better.

My book boyfriends go with me everywhere. I prefer them tall, dark, and handsome, but I don’t discriminate. They sweep me off my feet and are always there when I need them—in my purse, in my car, and even in my bathtub. 

Book boyfriends may not be real, but at least they won’t break my heart… or get another girl pregnant. 

I don’t do relationships. I get one whiff and run in the opposite direction. It took me seven years to mend my broken heart, and I’m not about to hand it over again. 

That’s why I can’t fall for Beckett. With his Clark Kent glasses and brooding stare, he’s a superhero in disguise. And his superpower? Melting panties with a single glance.

The problem is, Beckett wants to win my heart. His genius mind and washboard abs are a tempting combination, but I’ll never fall in love again. 

Even though I want Beckett between the sheets, I plan to keep my boyfriends between the pages, where I can close the book when things get ugly and a happy ending is guaranteed. My heart wants nothing to do with Beckett.

Now if only I could get him off my mind…

Don’t miss out on this small-town romance set in Mossy Oak, North Carolina, where you’re sure to meet your next book boyfriend

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