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Todays review was first posted on The P.Turner’s Facebook Page, June 5th 2016!

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When Lyra’s friend Roger disappears, she and her dæmon, Pantalaimon, determine to find him.

The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice and witch-queens fly through the frozen skies – and where a team of scientists is conducting experiments too horrible to be spoken about.

Lyra overcomes these strange terrors, only to find something yet more perilous waiting for her – something with consequences which may even reach beyond the Northern Lights…


📚Reading Challenge 2016📚

‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman

(Also known as The Golden Compass and the first book in the His Dark Materials series)

I have been recommended this book by two separate people for a while now and as standard it has remained on my TBR! I have just finished it and I can say that it was a) worth the wait and b) EXCELLENT!!

The story of Lyra, Pan and their search for Dust takes them on a journey into the North and to The Northern Lights; a gateway into another dimension. The only issue being that no one has yet discovered a way to pass through.

A great read from start to cliffhanger! Yet the start of another series I need to finish! 😂

Have you read ‘His Dark Materials’? Will I love the other two books as much as ‘Northern Lights’?


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