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Do you ever feel as though you’re sleepwalking through life? Awake, but not fully conscious? Surviving, but not thriving?
So many of us have built ourselves cocoons that, while comfortable, limit us from living fully. Cocoons can be either a form of confinement or, as nature shows us, an incubator for transformation. In Metamorphosis, Sara Madderson lays out a two-part framework for making changes in our lives that will bring us greater joy, consciousness and wonder, and that will elevate both our human relationships and our perceptions of the world around us.
Part I focuses on the metamorphosis process itself, providing six steps to shrug off our cocoon and awaken to our own limitlessness. Part II is devoted to navigating our external world, and helping us to understand exactly what we want in life. When we invest in our own transformation, and we transform our perceptions of the world around us, then we can emerge from our cocoon and truly embrace our own magnificence.

In this book, you will learn:

why we build cocoons for ourselves, and how to use our cocoons as incubators for growth and transformation

the 10 faces of unconsciousness and their nemeses: the 10 faces of consciousnesswhat taking responsibility really means, and why it is the single biggest step in any transformational process

why self-discipline is the key to metamorphosis, and how to turbo-charge your motivations to make it easy to make the changes that you want to make

how to upgrade the inputs that you feed into your brain to gain clarity, peace and wisdom

what steps to take to transform your health so you have the energy that you need for this journey

how to call out the unconscious limiting beliefs that we all accrue over time, and what it feels like to discover your real limitlessness

why our lives are far better than we think, and how to instantly transform our reality by upgrading our perception of it

why we need human connection, why we so often mess it up, and how to elevate our human relationships

how to identify what we really want, and don’t want, from our lives

– the empowerment that comes when we reframe ‘luck’ and take control of our destiny

– clarity around the law of attraction, and the most effective manifestation techniques

By the end of this book you will be transformed, viewing life from the liberated perspective of the butterfly while knowing that your cocoon is there for you whenever you need to recharge and regenerate on your lifelong journey.

Publishing Info:

 Paperback : 242 pages
 ISBN-10 : 1916353002
 ISBN-13 : 978-1916353008
 Product Dimensions : 12.7 x 1.55 x 20.32 cm
 Publisher : Sara Madderson (11 Feb. 2020)



Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

Have you ever noticed that we tend to view children as unfinished people who are not fully developed, not wholly in possession of their full potential? At the same time, we adults perceive ourselves and each other as entirely complete and fully evolved, a finished masterpiece simply because we’re in possession of a full set of teeth and our bodies have stopped growing – vertically, at least! 

I don’t think this complacency is warranted. We should never think of ourselves as complete. We now know that the brain can continue to re-form, grow new neural networks, and disconnect old ones throughout our lives. Where humanity is concerned, the old dog is far more capable of learning new tricks than most of us would like to admit. 

We are evolutionary creatures and if we don’t keep growing, we’re missing out on one of the greatest pleasures of being human. However, I believe that we can take this one giant step further. Forget evolving; we can transform ourselves and our reality if we put our minds to it. Metamorphosis is the blueprint to take you through this process. 

We don’t tend to think of transformation as a human journey. Compare our slow evolution with the seemingly magical metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. In its chrysalis, the caterpillar is safe and comfortable. By shedding the cocoon, it transforms into an extraordinary creature, possessing true magnificence. No wonder the butterfly has become a universal symbol of renewal. 

Granted, we humans can’t turn over a new leaf overnight, but we can choose to make our growth more a process of metamorphosis, less a passive evolution. We have the power to change much more quickly than society would have us believe, and I really believe that the extent of our transformation can wildly surpass our expectations. We all have an inner magnificence. We knew it as children, but our culture does a great job of clouding that inner knowing. We all possess beautiful, ethereal, powerful, kaleidoscopic wings. Now it’s time to shake them out. 

The Metamorphosis Metaphor: Diving Deeper 

Transformation is a scary concept. As with most scary concepts, it’s much more palatable when broken down. When I started my first company, the best advice I received was to view the launch phase as a series of tiny steps rather than one giant step. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do here. We’re also going to spend half the book focusing on the rewards we’ll reap through transformation, because they are immense. 

First, let’s consider what being ‘cocooned’ means. We’re going to use the term cocoon interchangeably with chrysalis because it’s less of a mouthful. I have no interest in writing a book about moths, but a moth’s cocoon is a word that I suspect resonates more strongly with most of us than a butterfly’s chrysalis. So I’m going to mix my metaphors! 

For me, a cocoon signifies not only safety and comfort, but, more specifically, insulation from the realities of the outside world. It suggests a womb-like space where the familiar and known are celebrated and where we can be entirely oblivious to our unknown unknowns. It also implies a hiatus. For a caterpillar, a cocoon is a temporary refuge which is necessary to undergo total transformation. For us humans, however, we don’t always feel the same rush to move on from its safety. 

Snug and comfortable it may be, but a cocoon can be a form of captivity. Movement is confined. Visibility is limited. Possibilities are suspended. For those of us who’ve embraced being cocooned as a way of life, we may or may not feel stifled by this confinement. We may be painfully aware, semi-conscious, or blithely ignorant of the fact that we’re in prison. But make no mistake: we are. 

Contrast this with life on the other side of metamorphosis. I love the butterfly metaphor not just because of the seemingly magical nature of the transformation process itself, but because of what life looks like on the other side of that change. The two are inextricably linked. We can’t have the rewards without the putting in the growth first. 

I also want to address a common misconception. There can be a perception in the publishing industry that men write books for both men and women, while women write mainly for other women. This is not one of those books. Please don’t worry that my choice of a butterfly metaphor means we’re about to get airy-fairy. We’re not. Metamorphosis is about the transformation of which we as humans are inherently capable, and this journey is equally applicable to both men and women. 

Let’s take a look at what life as a butterfly represents: 

Freedom: Contrast the comfortable confinement of the cocoon with the breathtaking autonomy of life with wings. 

Perspective: Butterflies choose their vantage-point over life. From their position, they can see the bigger picture and gaze into the distance. Their view-point allows them to focus on what brings them joy. 

Re-definition: Butterflies’ past limitations (chubby caterpillar) in no way define their new reality. 

Elevation: Butterflies not only elevate their own lives but they elevate the experience of everyone who has the joy of encountering them. 

Purpose: While their apparent purpose is to revel in the beauty of nature, their very existence is purposeful. 

Service: Their purpose encompasses a host of services to our ecosystem. They quietly, and unobtrusively, serve the world. 

Innocence. They are childlike in their gravitation towards what is most beautiful and abundant in nature. They are present and unencumbered. 

It seems to me that butterflies have their priorities pretty sorted. Perhaps the most valuable lesson they teach us is that the process of metamorphosis is utterly worthwhile. We’re going to go on a similar journey (albeit with less eating than the very hungry caterpillar. Sorry).

Author Bio:

Sara Madderson is an author, entrepreneur, wife and mother. She was born in Ireland and moved to the UK with her family when she was ten years old. She lives in London with her husband Chris, their two children, Paddy and Tilly, and their cocker spaniel Charlie.

Before turning to writing, Sara worked in finance for a decade and then ran her own fashion brand, Madderson London, for eight years. She earned her MPhil in Early Modern History from the University of Birmingham.

Metamorphosis is Sara’s first book. Given that she spent most of her childhood writing and designing clothes, she’s now seen both of her childhood career dreams come true! She’s enjoyed the adventure of publishing independently as much as she’s enjoyed the writing process itself. She’s now completely hooked on writing!

Twitter @saramadderson

You can buy Metamorphosis from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)  | Amazon (AU)

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