#MODERNCLASSICS – A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess @anthonyburgess (February 24th 2000 by @PenguinUKBooks)


A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess, February 24th 2000 by Penguin Classics (first published December 1962)

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Told by the central character, Alex, this brilliant, hilarious, and disturbing novel creates an alarming futuristic vision of violence, high technology, and authoritarianism. Anthony Burgess’ 1963 classic stands alongside Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World as a classic of twentieth century post-industrial alienation, often shocking us into a thoughtful exploration of the meaning of free will and the conflict between good and evil.


You know those books that you “have” to read in your lifetime to come across a little more sophisticated? I then stumbled across THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess.

I decided to read this as part of my bold ambition to make my way through the #RoryGilmoreReadingChallenge and I’m sad to say I was a little underwhelmed…I know!

Firstly, I have made the age old mistake of watching the movie long before getting around to reading the book. (I know, I know. You would have thought by now that I would read the book first!) What the movie was able to do is help to understand the world in which Alex and his Droogs live in. I have a pretty active imagination when reading and am able to create worlds and characters, but I found it difficult when reading. If I hadn’t already have watched the movie, then I’m not sure I would have finished the book.

Then it was the language. As I made my way through the first few pages, certain words were starting to make more sense, but for me personally it was a struggle. It goes to show often I read books like that! This is NOT a dig at Burgess in the slightest as I found his writing style incredibly exciting, I just think as a reader, I’m not quite “there” to appreciate it as it should have been intended.

Definitely happy to have read this book, but at this stage, only to give me brownie points when talking to my fellow bookworms.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is available now through the following outlets;

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