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Evening all, [K] here! Due to Newark's Book Festival being cancelled due to Coronavirus, they decided to have a smaller Literary Market over this weekend. So as it was on the doorstep I paid a visit (be rude not to!) After popping to the library on my way in (returns to make) I had a … Continue reading #BookHaul from Newarks Literary Market weekend @NewarkBookFest @K_T_Kaye @ClareWynStevens @UntotheUttermos @FossewayWriters @CHARLESXCROSS @Wilf007 @K_L_Loveley @Annecdotist @1642Author


Wow, can you believe it is January already?! What happened to December? I have had a few new ideas for the blog one of which has already appeared and the other which will be appearing later today. But for now I will kick off with sharing my bookish haul over my Christmas and birthday (it … Continue reading #HelloJanuary