#MovieMonday | DIE HARD (1988)

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Welcome to another MOVIE MONDAY!

Each week (obvs on a Monday…hence the title of the feature!) we will bring to you one of our personal favourites. We hope you enjoy and share with us your favourite movies!

This tag is open to anyone who wants to join us. Just be sure to comment with your blog link so we can geek out together!

Let me introduce you to another one of my Top 5 all time favourite movies….. not forgetting that this is THE Christmas movie!

DIE HARD (1988)
Directed by; John McTiernan


I cannot pinpoint the moment I watched DIE HARD for the first time – but I knew the moment I finished it that my life would never be the same again!

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There is drama, action, romance, conflict, Christmas, humour … this film has EVERYTHING you could possibly want/need. This movie is played every Christmas in our house, as well as a few times through the year as well!

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