#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | STOLEN FUTURES by Empress Chang @echangromance (August 25th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Stolen Futures
Series: The Meikle Billionaire Triplets #1
Author: Empress Chang
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Bookin’ It Designs
Release Date: August 25, 2020



I am running out of time and I need money to escape so when my prison boyfriend picked billionaire Christoff J. Meikle as our target, hacking into his network system is harder than it seems.

And I don’t have time to write a new program to bypass his state-of-the-art program.

With plan A out, plan B is a risky one. But one I had to take.

I pray, I don’t die.


My family depends on me and my marriage to…

I have to marry and soon. But Luelle Poole is intriguing and I want more.

I want her love and I was going to get it. I am going to keep Luelle the hacker and I am going to protect my family at all cost.

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Author Bio

Writing under the pen name Empress Chang, she is referred to as an overly dramatic, outgoing yet shy individual by her friends and family.  Half Chinese Jamaican, Chang was born and raised in Jamaica. She then migrated to the United States of America, three years ago where she is still scared of driving on the other side of the road!

Writing stories about her dogs and princesses at a young age, Chang discovered romance books in high school and started writing her own believing that romantic happy ends are necessary for a healthy and happy life.

She is a huge believer in the simple things in life, and her life’s main goal is to be happy. This includes sunny beaches and junk food (of course)!

When Chang is not writing, she is usually reading, watching a series that has hooked her attention and demands to be binged, or is spending time with her supportive, loving husband. 

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | DECADENT by Eva Charles @evacharles37 (September 22nd 2020) @LWoodsPR


Gray Wilder is finally here! And he’s hot enough to melt your e-reader…
Check out the irresistible cover of Decadent by Eva Charles!

Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Photography: Michael Stokes
Model: Ben Palacios

#CoverReveal #Decadent #TheDevilsDue #RomanticSuspense #RomanticThriller #DarkRomance #SteamyReads #ComingSoon #Giveaway

Release Day is September 22nd — but don’t wait.
US → https://amzn.to/2DbIxm5
UK → https://amzn.to/30stSLP
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AU → https://amzn.to/2Xrg5TY

Singular tastes. That’s what the Wilders are known for. I’m no exception.
The world sees me as nothing more than a hedonistic pretty boy. But not everything is as it appears.

One thing is certain. I’m a man who knows no boundaries.
With no soul and no conscience, I’m free to take what I want.
Including a deadly covert agent with a sassy mouth and an angelic smile.

She doesn’t know it yet, but when Delilah shed her web of lies, she waltzed into mine.
Now I’m free to enjoy her as I please.


J.D. Wilder is here to collect.
What does he want?
My soul, of course.

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#CpverReveal | #Giveaway | PLAY TO WIN by JaNese Dixon @janesedixon (August 20th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Play to Win
A Southern Gentleman Series Novel
Author: Ja’Nese Dixon
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Dana Pittman
Photo: Lindee Robinson Photography
Model: Jonathan Holloway
Release Date: August 20, 2020


Kamals an ex-football player. Jaydas a single mother uninterested in another relationship until she sees Kamal with her daughter.

Every rejection will only make his victory sweeter. He plans to lick, taste, and devour her like the delicacy she is until the world, her ex, and Jayda recognize his name tatted on every inch of her curvy body.

Kamal never plays by halves, and Jayda has a thing or two to show this deviously handsome player. But when the past runs an interference, theyll learn in matters of the heart there are no rules.

USA Today Bestseller, Ja’Nese Dixon writes tales of romance laced with strong women, stronger men, and family values that based on more than blood. Her happily ever afters are written to inspire. So, if you’re looking for a page turner that will leave you blushing, with your heart racing, and lying to yourself about reading “just one more chapter” then grab one of the authors twenty-something books.

Ja’Nese is an avid reader and coffee drinker living in Houston, TX with her husband, three adult children, and her spoiled diva dog. Want to learn more? Join her newsletter and get exclusive reads, all the inside details, and a first look at what’s to come at www.janesedixon.com.

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | COURAGE by J L Drake @jodildrake_j (October 15th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Courage
Series: Blackstone #4
Author: J.L. Drake
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Designs
Photo: Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog
Model: Andrew James
Release Date: October 15, 2020


Blackstone is at it again. We’re chasing down the cartel, but this time, the tables have been flipped on us.

Members of Team North Rock are being plucked off one by one. The race to understand what is happening can be the difference between life and death.

My position at Blackstone requires a clear head, and yet the stress and guilt I carry are affecting my concentration. But after what happened to my sister and the situation I’ve put my family in, I don’t deserve any sort of peace. My team doesn’t even know, and I choose to bear this burden alone.

Despite my constant internal struggle, I can’t help but notice her – Sloane Harlow. Falling for the lawyer who’s supposed to help us figure things out was never something I planned or expected.

With danger at every turn, things seem to only get worse. Missions fail, lives are in danger, and somehow, the cartel always seems to know our next move.

I can’t help but wonder…could there be a mole in the team?

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Author Bio

Author J.L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she lives with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing she loves to spend time with her family, traveling or just enjoying a night at home. One thing you might notice in her books is her love for the four seasons. Growing up on the east coast of Canada the change in the seasons is in her blood and is often mentioned in her writing.

Her books can be found in different languages around the world.

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | BAD BOY BEST FRIEND by Hope Ford @AuthorHopeFord (August 25th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Bad Boy Best Friend
Author: Hope Ford
Genre: Steamy Friends-to-Lovers Romance
Cover Design: Elizabeth Mackey
Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography
Models: Alex C. & Kristin Leigh
Release Date: August 25, 2020


He’s Breaking All The Rules

He’s her BFF – Best Friend Forever
And he’s off limits.
But now that she’s single,
He wants to change the rules.
So why can’t they be best friends with benefits?
Oh yea, because he doesn’t like those rules either.

Dear Readers,
Austin and Laney are too hot together to be just friends. He’s a DIRTY mechanic and she’s a plus size hottie and together they’re going to get your engine revving! VROOM! VROOM! I hope you enjoy this steamy, sweet love story of friends to lovers and second chances.

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Author Bio

Bestselling Author Hope Ford loves writing steamy, sweet stories of curvy women finding love.  With over ninety books, she feels that she has found her calling. 
If you love your romance books with insta lovehot love scenes, and a sweet story, then please give one of her books a chance.  You will be happy you did.

#CoverReveal | #ExcerptReveal | #Giveaway | UNTIL YOU BELIEVE by D M Davis @dmdavisauthor (July 28th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Until You Believe
Series: Until You #4
Author: D.M. Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Designs by Hang Le
Release Date: July 28, 2020


Some scars are hard to forget. Some wounds, too deep to heal. 

Family means everything. 
Slotted to become CEO of his family’s tech company, he lives, breathes, and sweats family.
But his commitments are crushing his hopes of starting his own family. 
Margot lights up all those ignored desires and unspoken dreams.
She is what he wants—exactly what he needs.
It’s not a matter of want. It’s a matter of who he lets down. 
Which ball will he drop if he decides he wants more from life than a job that is his life? 

Family means disappointment, broken hope, and reinforced insecurities. 
It’s not a sanctuary to seek, but a tie to break.
Fin showed her what family could mean. What it would be like to be loved despite her flaws.
Her goals are tested when she desires to have more with a man she shouldn’t want, yet can’t resist.
But she’s hiding a secret from the world—her bubbly personality, a mask she wears well.
When Fin decides to make Margot a priority, will she unburden her secret for a chance at love?

D.M. Davis’ Until You Believe is the fourth book in the Until You series and is a poignant, emotionally raw, friends to lovers, sexy, contemporary romance.

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His eyes linger on our hands before roaming across my sleep shirt, catching on my lips, and stilling on my gaze. “You make me want things, Marguerite,” he whispers like regret and yearning all wrapped up in an unfamiliar package.
The ever present want and fear when I think of a future that can never be, war in my stomach. “Don’t. What I have could never be enough.”
“Don’t sell yourself short, Pixie.” He squeezes my hand before releasing it and turning away. “You have more than enough of what I need.”
I linger on his impressive form as he pulls on his jeans. But when he turns to look at me again, I turn away, disappearing behind the bathroom door before he can witness the fall of my shoulders, and hope, slide from my face.
Regret follows me as I jump in the shower and do exactly what he asked me not to.
I wash all evidence of him off my body.
Where he lingers, water can’t penetrate.
It can’t wipe him from my mind.
It can’t cleanse him from my soul.
And it can’t save my riotous heart from falling.

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Author Bio

D.M. Davis is a Contemporary and New Adult Romance Author.

She is a Texas native, wife, and mother. Her background is Project Management, technical writing, and application development. D.M. has been a lifelong reader, and wrote poetry in her early life, but has found her true passion in writing about love and the intricate relationships between men and women.

She writes of broken hearts and second chances, of dreamers looking for more than they have and daring to reach for it.

D.M. believes it is never too late to make a change in your own life, to become the person you always wanted to be, but were afraid you were not worth the effort. You are worth it. Take a chance on you. You never know what’s possible if you don’t try. Believe in yourself as you believe in others, and see what life has to offer.

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | UNTIL TALON by Aurora Rose Reynolds @auroraroseR (August 4th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Until Talon
Series: Until Him #4
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: RBA Designs
Photo: Michelle Lancaster
Model: Chad Hurst
Release Date: August 4, 2020


When Mia Allenton’s sister calls, asking her for help after finding out her husband cheated, Mia packs up her life in Montana and moves to Tennessee to be there for her and her three girls. As Mia begins to settle in, a tornado comes through, bringing along with it Talon Mayson, a man determined to prove to her that good men do exist.

Talon knows he’s got his work cut out for him when it comes to earning Mia’s trust, but slowly her walls start to crumble, and they begin to build something beautiful. Unfortunately, someone from Talon’s past isn’t happy about him being back in Tennessee, and they’re willing to do anything to prevent him from ever being happy.

Is the Boom between Talon and Mia strong enough to weather the storm that’s coming?

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Author Bio

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author whose wildly popular series include Until, Until Him, Until Her, Underground Kings and Shooting Stars.

Her writing career started in an attempt to get the outrageously alpha men who resided in her head to leave her alone and has blossomed into an opportunity to share her stories with readers all over the world.

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | TRICK YOU by Tracy Lorraine @Tracy_L_Author (July 16th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Trick You
Series: Rebel Ink #2
Author: Tracy Lorraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Isaac Dawson
Release Date: July 16, 2020


I hated to trick her…

But I knew she would never go for the real me.
She was beautiful, smart and funny—everything I could want. 

And I was… well. Me. 
Tattooed, foul mouthed, bad boy. 

I told one little white lie hoping to meet someone different. And I did. 

Danniella Abbot.

She wasn’t who I was expecting, and I guess she could say the same, because Danni made it very clear she wasn’t interested in me or my reasons for lying. 

The fact that she was my best friend’s little sister only complicated an already impossible situation. 

I didn’t intend on tricking her. I just wanted her to give me a chance, to discover who I am underneath the ink.

She can fight me all she likes because we both know that I’m exactly her type. She just doesn’t know it yet. 

What happens when you wake up married to the woman you tricked into a date?

You kiss the bride and prove her wrong.

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Author Bio

Tracy Lorraine is a M/F and M/M contemporary romance author. Tracy recently-ish turned thirty and lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, daughter and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.

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#CoverReveal | #ExcerptReveal | #Giveaway | DEVIOUS by JM Stoneback @jeanie0328 (July 19th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Devious
Author: J.M. Stoneback
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera, Jersey Girl Design
Release Date: July 19, 2020


It’s time to pay my father’s debt.

Nobody is stupid enough to steal from him, Cayden Vitali.

They call him Devious for a reason. He doesn’t let his debts go unpaid. He collects what he’s owed.

Lex Bartoli works for Devious. Lex should know better than to steal his money. But mistakes were made, and now it’s time to pay.

Unfortunately for me, Devious knows exactly what he wants as payment for Lex’s stupid mistake.


Lex’s daughter.

If I won’t agree to marry Devious, he has another way of making my family pay.

The choice is mine.

Marry the enemy… or watch him kill my father as payback.

Devious is a mafia book with an arranged marriage, enemies to lovers and an age gap romance.  

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“Nymph.” His voice is deep, hollow. Mesmerizing like a siren. Butterflies spill in my belly and blood rushes to my ears. I hate it when people give me nicknames as if I’m a kid, but for some strange reason, I always allow Devious to do it.

He grabs a few strands of my curls, twirls them around his finger. “I always wanted to know if your hair was as soft as it looks.” He runs his thick fingers through my thick curly hair. “Your hair feels like silk. It’d be easy to wrap around my finger if I were to fuck you.”

My cheeks burn hotter than a log in a fire. Jesus, this man. I’ve never had another to say bold words to me. Atrocious never been this bold. I wonder how it would feel to fuck Devious. But, instead I’m stuck with slutty Underboss of Las Vegas that I have no interest in.

“Giving me a compliment won’t get you in my panties, Devious. You’re going to have to try harder than that.” I flip my hair over my shoulders and straighten my spine like a pole.

His laugh is low and sinister. It chills me to the bones. So much lust burns in his eyes that it could burn down this whole building. My heart beats into a frenzy and my mouth becomes bone dry.

Devious runs his thick fingers through his inky black hair then shoves them into his pocket. “What will?” His tone is elegant, just like him. His eyes drift to my lips and I shake my head, smiling.

“Thirty million and a pet mermaid,” I joke.

He leans down, whispers. “Do you accept checks or cash?” His voice tickles my ear. A flush crawled to my neck, making its way to my cheeks. Then my eyes catch his expensive loafers and trail up to his black tailored suit. Devious is wealthy beyond reason. If wealth was an aura, then you could feel it from him.

“I’m joking.” I smile.

“Well, I wasn’t.” There is a ting of smugness in his tone.

I bite my bottom lip and pick at the dead skin around my thumb. “Why are you here? If you’re looking for Papa, then I’m afraid you have missed him. He left an hour ago.” I lie.

“Did he now?” He smirks wickedly.

“Yeah, he went to… to pick us up some dinner from Chipotle.”

He taps his index finger on my nose. “You were never good at lying.” He tsk. “Where is he hiding?”

“Why would I lie to you? I told you that he’s out getting us dinner.”

Annoyance paints his face. “It’s a crime to lie to your Don. If you lie to me again, then I’ll have no choice, but to punish you,” he threatens. Devious is the Don of all the five familigas in the United States which makes him one of the most powerful men in the country. “Again, Where is Lex?”

I gulp loud before answering. “In the living room.” I step to the side and he waltzes inside, along with his soldiers and I trail behind them.

“You need to plan his funeral tomorrow.” Devious’ emotionless tone scares me. My pulse thumps loud in my ears and bile tickles the back of my throat.

We enter the living room. Papa stands taller and Devious towers over him.

“You’re ready to accept your punishment?” Devious asks and Papa simply nods. His facial expression displays bravery, but his eyes. Terror shines in them.

“If you don’t want to see the inside of your father’s skull then I suggest you leave,” Devious orders me, removing his gun from his holster. He aims it at Papa’s forehead. My papa closes his eyes and puffs out his chest.

Fear eats up every cell in my body and a lump form in my throat. This is the reason he wanted me to stay in Vegas. He committed a crime against Devious and wanted to make sure I was taken care of by Atrocious.

I rush in front of Papa, blocking him, but it’s no good. I hold my head high, shielding myself with my bravery. You need bravery to face Devious. If you show one crack of weakness, then he’ll use it against you. Slowly, Devious lowers his gun to his side and his face flickers with confusion.

“Please, don’t,” I whisper. “What did he do?”

“Leave, now! Roselyn,” Papa screams, pushing me in the direction of the door, but I keep my shoes glued to the floor.

I turn my view to Devious. His jaw tics and anger warps in his eyes. “He stole a hundred thousand dollars from me.”

“I have thirty thousand dollars and I can work as a maid to pay off his debt,” I say.

I received fifty grand from Mama’s death. Plus, I save the money Papa gives me weekly. The women in the mafia are not allowed to work, they are supposed to wait until their familiga’s marry them off. It’s an ancient rule in the modern world and it’s stupid. I don’t care about working as long as it means saving Papa’s life.

Devious glances between Papa and me. And I can tell that he’s thinking long and hard about something, then he smiles. His smile is more deadly than poison. Papa shakes his head.

“You can’t have her,” Papa says, shoving Devious. Devious takes a few forward and glares at him. Nervousness swallows me whole and spits me out.

“Grab him,” Devious says.

The two soldiers grab Papa by the arm on each side. Devious stalks up to me and I take a step back. He grips my chin, rubs his thumb on my cheek. I place my hand on his, digging my nails into his flesh and he doesn’t flinch. His eyes bore into mine and my breath is labor and short.

His cologne is strong and inviting. He smells as if he rolled in a tub of cinnamon spice.
“You’re going to be my new wife to pay off Lex’s debt.” My heart beats so hard that I think it’s going to burst in my chest. Nauseous hits me like a boxer hitting a punching bag. I can’t believe Devious would ask for my hand in marriage. Especially when he hasn’t even shown any interest in me besides trying to get me to sleep with him.

“What? I’m promised to Atrocious.” I shake my head. The thought of me marrying him sent a shiver down my spine.

“I’m well aware of your engagement to him. ” He grits out and I don’t miss the jealousy in his tone.

No.” I challenge and he grinds his perfect white teeth.

“No?” he says as if the words are foreign. The corner of his mouth turns up and I fold my arms across my chest.

“You heard me. What part of no do you not understand? The N or the O?”
The lines on his forehead deepens as he aims his gun at my Papa’s forehead again. “Marry me or watch your father’s brain decorate this tackle ass wall.”

Tears sting my eyes, anger hurdles in my chest, my throat burns. His face is wiped clean from any emotions. Gone is the person who just flirted with me a few minutes ago, replaced with the psychopath and murderer that I heard about. Devious hid that side of him well. I was naïve to believe that he was different, because he is always nice to me.

Papa shakes his head so hard that I think it will roll off his shoulders. “Don’t do it, Roselyn,” he begs. His eyes flash with warning.

Devious cocks his gun and digs the barrel in Papa’s forehead harder. “My patience is running thin. I don’t have all day.”

“Fine,” I answer, through clench teeth, and fresh warm tickles down my cheek, like a water hose, then I quickly wipe them away. He tucks his gun back in his holster.

Author Bio

J.M. writes contemporary and dark mafia romance. She lives in Georgia, with her three boys and her husband. Her hobbies consist of reading, playing video games, and spending time with her family. 

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#CoverReveal | #Giveaway | DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH by Charmaine Pauls @CharmainePauls (July 14th 2020) @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Diamonds in the Rough
A Diamond Magnate Novel
Series: Diamonds are Forever Trilogy #2
Author: Charmaine Pauls

Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Design: Simply Defined Art
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Dina Auneau
Release Date: July 14, 2020


Girls like me, we know how to survive.
We each have our own little ways, but we acquire those skills at the same tender age.

If you ask me how many times a person can die, I’ll tell you many times. As many times as a man stabs you in the stomach with betrayal and wrings out your heart with lies.

Girls like me, we live.
We don’t get a choice.
We step over the cliff and fall.
Eat, sleep, die, and repeat.

(Diamonds in the Rough is Book 2 of the Diamonds are Forever Trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. Book 1, Diamonds in the Dust, must be read to follow the story. Book 3, Diamonds are Forever, which concludes the story, will be released on 15 September 2020.)

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Releasing September 15


Author Bio

Charmaine Pauls was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She obtained a degree in Communication at the University of Potchestroom, and followed a diverse career path in journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, photography, graphic design, and brand marketing. Her writing has always been an integral part of her professions.

After relocating to Chile with her French husband, she fulfilled her passion to write creatively full-time. Charmaine has published over twenty novels since 2011, as well as several short stories and articles. Two of her shorts have been selected by the International Literary Society for an anthology from across the African continent.

When she is not writing, she likes to travel, read, and rescue cats. Charmaine currently lives in France with her husband and children. Their household is a linguistic mélange of Afrikaans, English, French and Spanish.

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