#Review | #BookReview | POISON by Jade West @jadewestauthor (March 16th 2020) #IndieAuthor


He was the man who destroyed me. The monster who left me in pieces over a decade ago.
I swore I’d never speak to him again, that I’d never set eyes on him again as long as I lived.
But I was wrong.
When life gets too much and you need to escape, the poison that might kill you becomes oh so tempting.

I craved his perverted ways, his smirk, his laughter as he pushed my body way past its limits.
I needed a release from the crazy. Just once.
Just one night. That’s what I told myself.
No strings, no illusions, no promises. Nothing but the lasting thrill of his flesh on mine.
The lasting hit of his poisonous touch.
But when poison runs through your veins, the way he runs through mine, it’s toxic and eats you alive.

This much passion always comes at a price…


Okie doke – where do I even start? I’ve been in a BIG reading slump for a while now and what better way to break that slump then with a new Jade West release?! Even more so knowing what a personal and emotional book this is for Jade.

POISON tells the story of Anna and Lucas as a one off text message after ten years sees the pair reunite and embark on a HOT and steamy series of encounters. We learn throughout the book that life has changed dramatically for the pair in the last decade and the events that led to them separating in the first place.

POISON is a credit to the powerhouse of a woman who, in light of a turbulent couple of years, is still able to bring to life a pair of humans who have the most incredible chemistry and are FILTHY as hell!

Another stellar read from Jade and one that I’ll be talking about for a while!


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#RisqueReads | #BookReview | DIRTY DADDIES by Jade West @jadewestauthor (May 16th 2017, Indie Published #IndieAuthor)

16th May 2017, Indie Published

Some bad girls need a firm hand to keep them in line. 
I’m bad enough to need two. 

Two older men who can teach me a lesson when I misbehave. 
Two hot bodies to keep me warm in bed at night. 
Two best friends who can learn to share a filthy-mouthed little brat like me. 

After all… dirty girls need very dirty daddies. 


Carrie Wells is nothing but trouble. 

She’s wild and difficult. Not worth anyone’s time. 

Carrie Wells is a beautiful little brat. She’s also a vulnerable young adult on my case list. 

She’s half my age and totally off limits. I’m breaking every rule in the book by giving her somewhere to stay when she’s out on the streets with nowhere to go. And I’m breaking every rule of friendship by holing her up in my best friend Jack’s house while he’s away on business. 

I thought life was difficult enough when I fell for the girl, but it gets a whole lot harder when Jack comes home early and finds a beautiful stranger causing chaos in his house. 

And a whole lot harder still when he falls for her too. 

He’s the one guy on this planet I’d share my last supper with. I’d share it gladly. 

I’m just not so sure how I feel about sharing Carrie Wells.

After reading BAIT by Jade West, I knew going into another novel by this author that I would be best going in with an open mind and a poker face.

And what a poker face I needed when reading DIRTY DADDIES on the commute to and from work. Here is a book that plays on your heart strings, with Carrie Wells the young lady looking for love. She’s had a troubled past and needs a firm hand in a partner. What she gets is not what you would ever expect her to find or need, but what brings out the woman in her.

This is a novel that pulls you in, that takes hold of your attention and doesn’t let you go until the very end. You’re hooked, infatuated by the young Carrie Wells and her two older men, Jack and Michael. Two men who are utterly smitten and downright begging to be her guys.

These aren’t your average forty something men who you see on the commute to work, they’re a rare specimen of man who know exactly what they want and who have Carrie’s best interest at heart. With the bodies of much younger men. West has certainly given the older gents!

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#RisqueReads | #BookReview | SUGAR DADDIES by Jade West @jadewestauthor (July 12th 2016, Indie Published #IndieAuthor)

Published; 12th July 2016, Indie Published

A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert, this one crazy advert I can’t stop thinking about…

Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right. 
Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule. 
And sex. They want sex. 
Lots of sex.
Bonus, right? One major dose of epic win. 

Of course, guys like Carl and Rick have their conditions. One being that they come together, or not at all. 
Hell, I can live with that.

And there are no skeletons in their designer closet, none that I can find. 
Just two hot sugar daddies, with particular tastes, nothing to worry about.

Until Carl and Rick spill the big one, the one that sends the girls running. A whole string of them before me, running to the hills without so much as a backward glance. 

Maybe I should run, too. Thanks but no thanks, see you around, guys, nice knowing you. 
But I’m already in way too deep for that. 

Warning – as with every other Jade West book, reader discretion is highly advised. This novel contains vivid depictions of MMF / MM relationships, and Jade’s characters, as always, have very filthy mouths. Mature readers only, please.

What can I say about this novel, except that I was not disappointed!! After reading BAIT by Jade West I knew from the get go that this would be a very steamy affair and my gosh was it!?

Here we have the story of Katie, Rick and Carl, three people all looking for one thing, passion. Katie is young, beautiful and has a dream. Rick and Carl are the two handsome men who have a particular fantasy, one only Katie can bring to life.

Their story is one of the unexpected, of a loving couple wanting to share themselves with our heroine, of a young woman who seeks two men that can provide for her emotionally.

Carl is the strong, dominant and silent type. Straight talking, fully suited and booted. He knows exactly what he wants and will strive to achieve it. And what he wants is Katie.

Rick is the kooky, laid back and fun loving guy. He’s utterly in love with Carl, their relationship so adhering to the reader but Katie has a pull all of her own.

The three of them together are unstoppable, delectable and down right sinful. There is a dynamic between them that is utterly captivating, their beauty not just skin deep. With big hearts, open minds and delicious bodies, you cannot help but fall in love with all three characters. Eager to witness the fruits of their affair, but also to be a part of their story.

Jade West sure knows how to write her kink, to the point where even this avid reader blushed a little whilst reading on the commute to work. But to say I enjoyed this novel is an understatement, I couldn’t stop reading. Personally I never wanted the story to end. I dare any reader to not be devoured by this story, by these characters just as much as they devour each other.

Definitely a book I’ll revisit in the future, one for both the Kindle and to be bought in paperback. I need a copy of this beauty on my bookshelves.

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#RisqueReads | #BookReview | BUY MY SOUL (Sixty Days #2) by Jade West @jadewestauthor ‏(December 8th 2018, Indie Published #IndieAuthor)

BUY MY SOUL (Sixty Days #2) by Jade West
Published; December 8th 2018, Indie Published

My sixty days begin here.

The beautiful monster holds my body and soul in his brutal fingers.
I’m his to use. His to dominate. His to command like a puppet on a stage for dirty eyes across the dark web.

I shouldn’t want this.

Shouldn’t want him.

Shouldn’t want to take every dark instruction from his lips and give him my everything.

But I do.

It should be about the money. About saving my sister from certain doom and bailing us both out of financial misery. 

It should be about forging a new life, a new world for the pair of us once my sixty days are served.

But it’s not.

Not anymore.

It’s about him.

“Warning. Part two ramps up a little from book one. As always, this is from Jade West’s imagination, complete with layer upon layer of inherent dirtiness. You have been warned.”

A little?! Book two is nastier, filthier, sexier, grubbier and I loved every minute of it. This book pushed my reading and taste boundaries to the point of being see through, and it made me question everything, but I loved this book! 

Jade’s work is not for the faint hearted. She really does push the romance genre as far as she can and explores situations that most people have never even thought about (I’ll never look at pasta the same way!!), but does it with such style you can enjoy it for what it is…a work of fiction.

Again told through dual POV, you really start to dig a little more deeper into the mindset of both Paige and Brandon, giving them more depth than we had in the previous instalment. We start to see a completely different side to Paige. She has now accepted her fate for the next sixty days and is able to submit fully to Brandon, while we then start to see cracks appear in Brandon’s behaviour with Paige. A behaviour that is quickly noticed by others which paves a dangerous path for them both.

Once again I was left with a cliffhanger ending, which although you could see coming, it still excited me to read the words and left me with that feeling of wanting to fight someone for the next book!! Jade truly is a master of words and I cannot wait to read the conclusion to Brandon & Paige’s story. If January 2019 could hurry itself along – that would be grand!

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#RisqueReads | #BookReview | SELL MY SOUL (Sixty Days #1) by Jade West @jadewestauthor ‏(July 23rd 2018, Indie Published #IndieAuthor)

SELL MY SOUL (Sixty Days #1) by Jade West
Published; July 23rd 2018, Indie Published


Sixty days of total submission.
No safe words. No limits. No holds barred.
Sixty days of your body being used and abused and pushed to extremes.

Then you were free to go, no further dues, thanks and goodbye.
And your bank balance looked seriously healthy for the experience.

I should never have been tempted. Not for a second.
I should never have even thought about putting myself up for sale for sixty days, not after hearing the brutal tales of what happens to you.
But I had to.
My sister desperately needed the money. Needed Me. Needed more than I could ever give her.

I’d just never have guessed in a million years that soon enough I’d be needing him.
The beautiful stranger.
The dangerous monster.
The guy who’d be responsible for my pleasure and pain and everything between for sixty days straight.
And the man who’d want my very soul along with my body.

No holds barred doesn’t even come close to his requirements.
But I’m willing to give him everything.

First full-length novel in a trilogy.

‘As always, this is a Jade West novel. You have been warned.’

This disclaimer at the very beginning of this book should say it all really! For those not familiar with Jade, she takes romance fiction to the next level. And by that I mean a few levels below the surface where it’s dark and grim! Her novels are not for the faint hearted and if you like your romance fiction with rainbows, unicorns and chocolates…this is NOT the book for you!

BAIT was my first venture into Jade’s brain and I started to worry after a while. It is one of the darkest romance books I have ever read, and I LOVED every minute of it. I still refer to it now as ‘hardcore kiss chase’ to keep it safe for work…or those of a nervous disposition 😉

SELL MY SOUL is the latest book from Jade and the first of a new trilogy; Sixty Days. As the blurb already suggests, sixty days of total submission and in return, your bank balance will be greatly rewarded.

Paige is a young woman. Attends college, has a small group of friends, one previous boyfriend and a sister who struggles with an abusive partner and takes drugs to self medicate. When the whispers of a previous ‘Sixty Day’ participant reach Paige’s ears, she is keen to take part as a way to help her sister out of a large drug debt.

Brandon is like most of Jade’s male characters, a complete arse, arrogant, assertive, aggressive and utterly handsome. He is sadistic, manipulative and has a way with women that get them eating out the palm of his hand. It’s frustrating to read how Paige was so easy to submit to Brandon, but then I wonder what I would do put in her situation? How far would you go?

Told through dual POV, you really start to get into the mindset of both characters, but with a cliffhanger ending, I was left desperate for more! To the point where I was ready (and still ready!) to fight someone for the next instalment!

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#RisqueReads | #BookReview | BAIT by Jade West @jadewestauthor (August 14th 2017, Indie Published #IndiePublisher) #KindleUnlimited

BAIT by Jade West
Published; August 14th 2017, Indie Published


A stranger online. Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did.

A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me.

And now he’s coming for me.

Rough. Dirty. Dangerous.

It’s supposed to be one night to get me off and make me forget.

He’ll make me his and I’ll pretend I don’t want him to.

I’ll run and he’ll chase.

Because I asked him for this.

I begged him for this.

Tonight, in the darkness, he’s the hunter.

And I’m the bait.

I was introduced to the author Jade West at RARE 18 in London, my fellow P Turner *S* had nothing but good things to say about the novel BAIT, so I was eager to read.

And my what a story!! This is definitely not for the feint hearted, a story that at first seem a to be completely twisted, the fantasy taboo and yet erotic none the less. Jade West is a fabulous storyteller, a very smart writer who clearly knows her characters well. Abigail is our female heroine, a woman who has suffered a tremendous loss, fighting her way for survival in a rather dismal existence until she meets Leo. Leo has suffered his own loss, fights his own demons but together they bring a fantasy to life that I’ve never read before.

The chemistry between them is out of this world, a couple that push each other to the point of pain and we fall deeply for them. Leo is magnificent, a tattooed and pierced god of a man who comes across as undeniably human. His dark desires find their perfect match in Abigail, a woman who is strong, fiercely independent, who knows what her fantasies are and isn’t afraid to have them realised.

Whilst at first I was dubious about this story, unsure if the eroticism would translate for me as a reader, I can honestly say I loved this novel. I loved the characters, the steam filled scenes and the journey that they go on together. I could not stop reading. It is safe to say I finished the book in just over a week, a trip abroad delayed the finishing earlier but I was eager to read on upon my return.

Jade West… THANK YOU! Thank you for writing these characters so well, for bringing them to life in a way no one else could have envisioned and for being such a lovely person. I most definitely will be picking up more of this ladies work. If her other characters are as delicious as these two, we’re in for a treat.

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