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Blocked by Jami Davenport
A Seattle Sockeyes Novel
Release Date — April 16, 2020

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Playing for the Seattle Sockeyes is a dream come true. Yet in less than twenty-four hours, my life is a hot mess, and my dream has turned into a nightmare.

It all starts when I have a one-night stand with my teammate’s estranged wife, only I’m not aware she’s married, let alone his wife. Now she’s stalking me, my teammate hates me, and I’m madly attracted to his sister.

Not a situation I’d wish on anyone, especially me.

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Skating on Thin Ice by Jami Davenport is now in audio!
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A billionaire’s mission to bring hockey to Seattle threatens to destroy of the future of the woman who holds his heart.

Ethan Parker, a billionaire determined to bring professional hockey to Seattle, will stop at nothing to realize his dream. After putting down a hefty deposit on another city’s team, the sale is stalled as the parties involved evaluate their options. In the meantime, Ethan’s investors insist he go undercover during the playoffs to get the inside scoop.

Lauren Schneider, assistant director of player personnel, gets no respect from the team’s testosterone-loaded staff. When Ethan bursts onto the scene, full of charm and genuinely interested in her opinions, she shares the team’s weaknesses and discovers a weakness of her own-for Ethan. But when his true identity is revealed, and he starts cleaning house based on her input, his betrayal cuts deeply on both a professional and personal level. Bound by an employment contract, Lauren reluctantly moves to Seattle to work for the newly christened Seattle Sockeyes and her sexy, infuriating boss.

Lauren and Ethan must come to terms with their passions-for the team, for hockey, and for each other. Will their situation build a frozen wall between them, or will their love burn hot enough to melt the ice shielding their hearts?

Listen to a sample — http://bit.ly/2BfZ7wm

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Christmas in Seattle by Jami Davenport is only 99c!

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As a college football star and a waitress fight off cold and loneliness through one hot holiday break, a passion begins that may carry them all the way into the pros.

Previously published as Christmas Break

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Shutdown Player by Jami Davenport is FREE!

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After a brief marriage to an unfaithful, gold-digging wife, Jared Roderick is looking for the perfect good girl, and he thinks he’s found her. Sweet, quiet, prim Stephanie Clarke is exactly the woman he wants and nothing like his cheating ex. Now to convince a reluctant Steph they were meant to be together.

Steph has had enough of men controlling her life from her preacher father to her abusive boyfriend. She wants to regain the innocence she lost and ignore the ugliness of her recent past. She’s not the pure and sheltered virgin Jared desires and fends off his advances despite the sizzling chemistry between them.

Jared is as determined to win Steph over as he is to win hockey games; but when he discovers his fantasy is tarnished, does he have the strength to skate the distance?

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A Wolfe Brothers Christmas by Jami Davenport is only 99c!
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Spending their first Christmas together in years, the Wolfe brothers fumbling attempts to create good memories go awry.

Originally published in 2018 as part of the Hockey Holidays anthology. This novella is also part of the Madrona Island Christmas anthology

#CoverReveal | SHUTOUT: A SEATTLE SOCKOUT NOVEL (THE SCORING SERIES #1) by Jami Davenport @jamidavenport (January 30th 2020 @LWoodsPR )

Shutout by Jami Davenport is available for preorder!

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Hockey isn’t forever.

The money and glory of being a professional hockey player meant more to me than a family, a home, and a forever. Now another man has my forever, and I have hockey. I thought making the big money and playing against the best in the world would feel better than this. Instead I’m empty and hollow, like a big piece of my heart was hacked off. There’s something missing. Something big. Something I can never get back.

I loved him, but he wasn’t the love of my life. Someone else was.

My husband died too young, too suddenly, too tragically. We’d been unprepared, and I was left with nothing. I had no education, no job skills, and no future plans. My controlling in-laws were breathing down my neck, ready to pounce at any moment and take my son away from me.

I had no choice. I turned to the one man who’d turned his back on me, on us, all those years ago.

We’d been shutout from his life, and I’d shut him out from ours. Can two strangers make a family? Do we have what it takes to forgive and move on?