#IncidentReport – THE KILLER (Kaz Phelps #3) by Susan Wilkins @SusanWilkins32 (March 23rd 2017, @panmacmillan)


THE KILLER (Kaz Phelps #3) by Susan Wilkins (March 23rd 2017, Pan Macmillan UK)

the killer
She was a woman, so they thought she’d be easy to kill . . .

Kaz Phelps is on the run – from the past, from the legacy of her criminal family, from the haunting memories of her murdered lover. The police want her back in jail and her enemies want her dead. While standing by the grave of her gangster brother, Kaz realizes she only has one option. To fight back.

Nicci Armstrong was one of the Met’s best detectives until personal tragedy forced her to quit. Now she’s responsible for the security of the super-rich who use her city as a playground. She is one of the few people Kaz might trust. But Nicci’s biggest mistake yet is falling in love with a man she knows is only using her.

Meanwhile, as envious rivals back home plot against him, a Russian billionaire searches for a special gift to keep the Kremlin onside, a disgraced politician dreams of revenge and a Turkish drug baron plots to purge his dishonour with blood.


After binge-reading both THE INFORMANT and THE MOURNER last year – I was pretty desperate to get my hands on the third instalment in the Kaz Phelps series; THE KILLER. So imagine my pure glee when I won an uncorrected proof copy ahead of the hardback release on March 23rd! Excited is an understatement.

Other book commitments completed – I sat down and delved into Kaz’s world once more and Wilkins did not disappoint! THE KILLER picks up pretty much straight after the final events in THE MOURNER where we meet our Essex girl at a funeral (no spoilers here as to whose funeral it was!) where things quickly take a turn for the worse and once again Kaz finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

What we then experience as readers throughout the book are many twists, turns and action as Kaz is once again targeted for retribution against crimes her brother committed. It is a fast paced read, which is how I like it and short chapters allow the reader to really get involved with everything as it happens.

Keeping Nicci involved with the story was 100% the right thing to do as we get to delve further into her relationships as she continues to rebuild her life, both personally and professionally. Nicci’s character is truly tested throughout the book and the end part of this story is left open for the next adventures.

I am intrigued to read what happens next for Kaz. Does she eventually get away from Joey’s shadow and start fresh? Who else from Joey and Karen’s past can come back to play tricks with them? How does Nicci fit into the picture? SO many questions which I hope will be answered in Book 4 of the series which Wilkins is currently in the midst of writing.

Without a doubt, I will be waiting with baited breath for the next installment. THE KILLER (as well as THE INFORMANT and THE MOURNER) is now one of those books that I will recommend to EVERYONE and will be cross with those who have not read this. Susan Wilkins is a terrific writer and I will continue to stalk support her work as long she is creating these gems!

THE KILLER is available now through the following UK outlets;

Waterstones; http://bit.ly/2oRH6zn

Amazon (UK); http://amzn.to/2pNXvlB